Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just for a Change!!

Just for a change, let's try a change in life.

Many a times our lives become so routine. We do not realize but our mind and body starts reflecting that boredom of routine via some kind of frustration. Sometimes you start losing motivation in things you are doing. You lose enthusiasm in activities. You lose curiosity to know and do new things. You may also not find fun or satisfaction in a relationship. I can think of a house-wife's routine life, a dream-less life of a testing manager(or anyone) who doesn't work towards walking stairs of progress by doing anything innovative.

So, I thought Let us ALL try some change in life (by 'us' I mean anyone who reads this blog along with me :) ). Just try to do something different than what you do normally. If you go to your workplace by auto-rickshaw then go by bus (Standing at bus-stand and observing people is too much fun), If you take shower first and then breakfast then take breakfast first and take shower later on. Uff.. I am talking about very minor level changes. But guys, let's change something drastically and feel the change in mind and body. Join gym for a month and do some exercise. If you take tea normally then try beer.. I mean try coffee ;) (Was trying to make a joke, but I am sure you might have realized by now how poorly I make a joke ;) )

If you are addicted to talking to some close friends very regularly, then try some change in the timing or the interval you keep between your talks. Just try. Just like some task, concentrate completely on changing something in your routine. Try to follow that for 2 days then if that sounds comfortable, continue for a week, then take a day off and observe how that felt!!

Basically, if you try to follow the change deliberately then you are developing Concentration (which might help you in meditating), determination and adaptability to a change. Your body feels the change and starts becoming more flexible to the changes. You'll feel fresh as you are away from your routine. Also, a day-off for observation develops an anlytical skill in you which can help you in doing introspection.

So.. are you for a change?? Trust me, it will be fun to follow a change. After all someone so rightly said some day -"Change is only constant thing" :)


Monday, March 19, 2007

That's kinda addiction...

Happiness and Suffering - are kinda in pair and also kinda addiction, until you achieve control over it. Something makes me happy, Let me do that again. Somethings make me sad, why do they happen and why do I get affected by that sadness. So many why's!!

For example, Talking with this person makes me happy, his presence around makes me feel comfortable, if he calls I feel good, but on the other hand, without that person I feel lonely, sad or rather frustrated. (I think 'Frustrated' was more appropriate word :) ) Frustration is caused because your expectations are not met. Every expectation that doesn't get fulfilled, you suffer each moment because of that.

Well, I say.. there is no harm in doing something again & again which can make you happy. But what about the addition your mind develops towards suffering?

Heard about some people going through some similar emotions. Felt pity on them. Hmm 'Pity', because People do not identify their own capacity of handling themselves for being dragged away. First being out of control and hence having no control.

However Some time back, I also observed it within myself - how I get dragged away with sad emotions. If something, some song, some event makes me sad, I 'want' to feel that sadness. My mind controls me to go through such suffering. In fact, I also observed that if some set of friends are around, who can truly become my emotional support, I used to remain sad with them.

Note here that I did not get sad because of 'friends' company' but read further you will know what I mean.

I knew that with them I can talk about things which makes me sad. And trust me, your mind's sad(active) part requires food and by talking about same set of dissatisfaction in life, sadness, problems - you are doing nothing good to yourself but rather growing/maturing the 'sad' part of your mind.

Every observation is meant to improve something in you. I think For me, I am consicous about how mind reacts to particular events and makes my body feel that suffering. I know I am trying to overcome the 'out of control/no control' situation and I am sure I am progressing. Staying in the 'now' has helped me a lot.

To people who may experience suffering due to expectations/no acknowledgement or who can identify that they are really addicted to the 'suffering' - I would tell -'Help yourself, Control yourself and be Alert to your mind's reactions'.