Sunday, December 16, 2007


I exist. Rest are details.


Saturday, December 15, 2007


My routine has become little boring and then I found myself approaching my come-back date so soon.

Any major eventful day and I start the countdown. Don't know why do I lose the present moment in day dreaming the coming moments. I guess need to change my approach. Well, I am not too much into day-dreaming, so it's ok enough :-)

However, small planning is always important part for any event. I have started packing my stuff, throwing unnecessary stuff and selling the liabilities. Canceling the services on my name is next task on my to-do.

Exact word - yes got it!! It's basically the 'To-Do' List.

Working in office also requires some decent and systematic approach. First thing that we do in office is to check emails and gather work and then prepare the To-Do List for that day. This list helps a lot to plan and meet the time line of each task. You finish the work and check it off the list.

Also, it gives an idea about how much work is pending, if we are not able to finish all tasks at the end of the day.

Everyone has different To-Do Approach and I tell you there are many ways to improve it. So keep an eye on everyone's approach and you will find the learning is unlimited.


Packaging ~ Is that the name?

I have been taking many medicines over the last 10-15 days. Also, was taking some instant-mix for soups. Well, I thought of something and found it interesting.

Every such thing that we buy, has the user-instructions. How to prepare or how much to take and how to cook or when to stop etc. Isn't that an interesting area of industry where people work to find the language and words to be most user-friendly and which conveys the exact meaning?

You take any item, starting food to electronics, you will find the instructions manual which is well versed in multiple languages (generally).

Alright, I know this is not something new. You already may be knowing it. But I wanted to say that it is that part of an industry which does not have name like software industry, hardware industry, manufacturing, interior decoration, construction etc (May be 'packaging' is the name for it, may be I only do not know it!)

Yenyways... how's life? :-)

(When you find that you are not able to write/talk much then ask a question and the conversation continues... ;-) ha ha...)

Cheers ~KrupA

Friday, December 14, 2007

Just because he took the cake first ~

That's why even the war started!

Cake is a dessert, supposed to be taken in the end. It was all placed nicely on the table along with the rest of the meal. What was the idea? Once we finish lunch, we could have that cake as a dessert.

We were some 6-8 people on one table and one person got the cake along with the food itself, thinking that 'let me reserve my piece of cake'. He felt insecure if the cake is over by the time he finishes the lunch. So far no problem! Now, Seeing him, other person felt insecure too, went and got his piece of cake. Seeing two people on the table reserving the cake for themselves caused insecurity to others too. (However, none of rest of us all went to get the cake at that time.)

Here the point is ~ One person's fear or insecurity contagiously affected the others. This is the reason I see how the war started after all. Huh! One country had power and bought the weapons. That one country just made itself secure by keeping weapons. This caused insecurity to the other and so on...Contagious, you know!!

Just because he took the cake first, just because he felt insecure at first place, others started feeling insecure by seeing his actions for keeping himself secure.

I do not know the solution, I guess that's just the choice that others have to make in such situation.


My latest crush

I know I know..Title is little misleading.

I am talking about my latest crush for a SONG.

After Masha Allah(and all other from the same movie) from Saawariya, Kitni baatein from Lakshaya, I am on to 'O Re Piya' from Aaja Nachle!

A song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. What do I say about this song?

Listen to its beats and the way the dance is choreographed!
Look Madhuri in the song with her amazing expressions!

Listen to each musical instrument played in this song (the way it starts..I don't know what it is, but it is a distant instrument I feel.) I feel as if someone from the soul world of mine is calling me. ;-)

In between when Rahat ji sings 'Piyaa....' has so much depth in it.

I feel that this song has all the moods - First stanza is a generic mood, second stanza is about - when the love takes birth in one's heart and the third one gives the sad and complaining expression. Awesome na? One song, same beats same instruments and amazing Singer at his best again!!

This song and its dance is my latest Crush!!!!! Masha Allah!!! ;-)
If you have not heard it yet then go listen to this song TODAY ~


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

जागी इक तमन्ना ~

अँधेरे से निकल के उजाले को ढूंढती,
सुबह के सूरज से, शाम की अदा संग बहेती;

हर गली से गुज़रती,
कभी आँधी तो कभी बरखा का पैगाम देती;

हर पत्ते को छू लेती,
फूलों की खुशबू हर दिशा महेंकाती,

खिलखिलाती हँसी की तरह,
आसमान संग उड़ के ख़ुशी फैलाने वाली;

चाहती हूँ मैं ऐसी बन जाऊ,
बेबाक अल्ल्हड़ पवन सी खो जाऊ!!

Last line of this poem above is taken from the song 'Masha allaah!' from Saawariya (of course!). I am just in love with that song. It's so soft and so deep, so clear and so profound :)

You can admire the song later, admire the poem right now ;-)


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Alarm and me..

First shot is always snooze.. Shoots! It's NEVER happened in my life. I have never stopped the alarm at the first ring and gotten up. Never!

You know the mind? It just starts playing and calculating as first thing in the morning.

One day my colleague and I were talking about the alarm system and we thought how good it would be if we just let our body get up everyday naturally without any alarm. Without any rule!

I wonder, years ago, when in village, people used to get up per Sun timings, so naturally. And today, we have just become so rules-driven. Hmm!!! :(


What is it.. I don't know..

It's been many days that I am not able to get satisfaction in many things that I do. For example, working, writing a blog, reading a blog, cooking, keeping my room clean and what not..

I am just not enough motivated since I am not keeping well. I think that's the reason it is said that if the health is good, everything else is good too. (There is a saying in Gujarati - "Pehlu sukh te jate narya" on the similar meaning.)

I had thought of keeping a good target for my blogging but unfortunately there is something which is pulling me back. I guess my own criterias for what to write and what not to write are holding me back.

I am continuously struggling with something on my mind. This is adding to my procrastination about every matter.

I am not sure why I am writing this here but felt like this is the best place .. the best tool for me to write it out...


Monday, December 03, 2007

Legends and the fun!!

I was watching 'Bal Ganesha' movie. It's an animated movie about Lord Ganesha during his young days. (Bal means - young kid...) Basically, about Ganesha's adventurous deeds, the magical/powerful shows..

Let me say it in the beginning that, I do not intend to make fun of any religion or do not intend to hurt anyone's faith or trust in God Ganesha or any other God. But while watching the movie, and being in the software industry, I just got some funny thoughts.

Let me share.

During the movie, We hear many legends about Deva (Good) and Danava(Evil). I gather that Danavas used to do Tapa (intense meditation) and impress Lord Shiva and ask for the Bliss (Vardana). Shiva is THE Lord who gets impressed so easily (I have heard so...) and gives the Vardana that his devotees ask for.

Now here comes the climax. Shiva gives the Varadana and then the Danava becomes powerful and rules over the world. (At least, tries to rule over the world) He puts the Devas in the jail. Indra Deva (Deva of all Devas) always gets the best chance to escape from such evil deeds by Danava and runs to God Vishnu Or God Brahma.

There they discuss the issue and try to find the solution. But What's the point? It's like the leadership team, consisting of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, do not have proper communication amongst them then such day was bound to come. They give any blessing without discussing with other leaders about the feasibility. The Leaders, or shall I say management, should not have communication gap. Shiva goes and gives any access to anyone and then rest of the leaders sit and discuss how to remove that access. How stupid!! ;-)

And another interesting thing.. the stories of Lord also show that they used to lie to their mother many times ;-) For example, Ganesha used to lie to Parvati mata for Laddu (Sweet)and Krishna used to lie to Yashoda maiya for Makhan (butter)..( I giving any message? Nah!!..I did not say anything and you did not read anything.. ok?? ...Lol)

I find all that really funny...;-) Go watch such animated movie and then tell me how do you like it? :D