Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Soul World

To become happy, why do ppl only think of the negative part of what they have not got and then try to console themselves? I can not argue with people who state that competition is the correct name for this type of comparison and that way only they can improve.

I used to see wrong/bad side of the matter and used to console myself for whatever I get. But down the line, I understood the purpose behind the existence. There is a meaning behind each and every event happening in life. I have become analyst in terms of understanding the right thing out of any matter. I am no more bothered by the ppl who try to bug me.

Everybody is here, to learn their own lesson as per their category and as per the maturity of their soul. World of soul is something like this: You enter the junior class together and then as per your deeds, you get to go ahead or you get to remain there only. Then when you learn what you have to, then only you go to senior class, then 1st standard, 2nd ... so on and so forth... There is only ONE level where everybody has to reach, EVERYONE. So, as per capability and as per awareness of an individual, one makes his own choices and accordingly he/she moves ahead. Highest level where we need to reach is full of love, trust, faith, hope, responsibility, empathy, knowledge ( it is not GK which we learn in this materialistic world), ability to console on our own , no grudges, no leg-pulling, no enviousness etc..(list can go on..). Most importantly, there is a BALANCE at this level. Imagine a flat mountain and we all start to climb it from the same ground level. Someone gets hurt, some one finds interesting stuff at some level and do not move ahead and do not learn what he has to.. some one passes through the same situation but do not learn, what has to be learned, then he will remain there. And at the highest level there is a big ground which is balanced.

"I think if one gets to know, understand and listen to the self inside him, then one can create an ability to make right choices to pass level to the next class. One is born detached, he has to remain detached. "

I agree to the statement -"We live in society, having relationships with ppl around us" But even then you need to get detached. Love your child, but get detached. Fulfill your responsibility with your own special learning in that relationship and then get detached. Everybody is born independent, responsible for existence and has some purpose and has to fulfill. Unless one fulfills the purpose, one can not leave the world. Ppl kill themselves, and their learning is not yet over, then they again get birth at the same level and start learning again. This is the way the chain goes on. I believe, we meet different people in our lives(irrespective of - we like them or not), who are indirectly helpful to us to achieve the lesson. It's up to us whether we learn right lesson out of that relationship or wrong. It's the matter of OUR choice.