Thursday, August 04, 2011

HE is here...

Bawre ne bahot tadpaya,
Milne ko itne saal tarsaya;
Magar pyar ki barsaat lekar,
Aakhir wo aa gaya!!!!

In whose thoughts & imagination, I wrote so many poems; in whose anticipation, I wrote so many blog posts, finally when he arrived in my life, I was speechless and could not write any post for last many months.

Yes, I am talking about my life partner. I finally found the one! I mentioned in my post "I don't know how this works and how it will work for me. I am just waiting to find the one and then may be share how this gamble works. Or may be I should just wait for 'the one' to find me instead I looking :-)"

Indeed, I kept wondering what's going to happen and how will it really be! Honestly, It happened as it was supposed to happen! Without any pre-planning, without any questions or screening process, without any horoscope match or photo check, it happened on its own.

One thing that I want to mention here though - I never stopped my efforts of involving in arrange marriage. I believe in the message from Bhagwad Gita that "Karma kiye ja" yes..! only thing in my control was to try & I did.

To all my friends out there, please don't be disappointed ever due to arrange marriage process steps. It will happen as it is designed for you.

Trust me! Life changes too fast! Just go with it. What you have today is God's grace and what you won't have tomorrow would be God's purpose.

Have faith & give your heart 'Love' wings, Love will come to you!

Keep Smiling,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Begging...encourage or not?

On Radio they were asking about the beggars and begging - should we encourage it? There was some policeman who shared his opinion and he said something really good. When we see the beggar, we imagine our kids and then we feel sympathy and we give them money. He asked people to STOP imagining this because until we stop, begging will never go away from India. Imagining a better India, please kick the concept of begging out.

From other perspective, yes, I guess if we don't give money to the needy then how will they survive? I don't know how they will survive, but one has to lift his spirit up by doing something that he can, instead of giving up and begging. I don't have much to say nor do I know the real solution to this. However, I still can not agree that begging is the last option they have.

I surely discourage begging and beggars.


Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wishing myself...

Coming back seems difficult. I am away from my blog for so many months and years. It's been some block and I don't seem to overcome it so far.

One more attempt I am making today.

Wishing myself good luck...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sadness spread!

In my life, I have had really interesting journey so far! Lot of years passed by. In the search of 'what to search for'. I missed a lot and I felt I wanted so less, I wanted so much and I felt I got so less. I got so much and I felt how to use that much!


Sometimes too deep and sometimes very abstract understanding about what's happening inside of me. In this journey, I learned a lot. Many times I felt, I received enough learning and I am really done! What more can I get? Not knowing what lies ahead of me, it was always the sadness underneath ambiguity.

Although I carried greatly happy attitude towards life, I conquered all the sad events in life, I still can not like ambiguity in life. I know there is something called patience but sigh! me and patience... one difficult area where I still struggle.

After n number of years wait, I have found some real strong and 'for-life' source of happiness, I am very happy. But the ambiguity still does not leave me and sadness tries to spread under that cover.

What do I do?


It's about outlook

Life is beautiful. Sooner or later, one experiences the beauty in everything around, if only one chooses to see so.

Simplest example - how depressing you may feel if you are alone and in the coldest city with the snow, ice and rain all the times (specially without Sun). But if your heart is happy, then you find glass trees also beautiful.

Time n again, life keeps proving to me that it's all about perception of an individual, it's about outlook that one carries.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where am I ???

I am back in US for a project assignment and not sure for how long will I be here.

This time I am in east coast and it's very cold here. There are so many around me who keep saying that "winter has not yet started" while I keep freezing. Oh God! Trust me, It's indeed very cold. It snowed yesterday and it was a storm so it was snowing whole day.

And this is in my balcony. Tomorrow it will turn into a little Amarnath.. ha ha.. :-) Jay Shiv Shankar ;-)

Adios... Will be back & will be warm :-)


Sunday, November 14, 2010

the social network

I watched this movie last evening and found it very nice movie. I knew nothing about 'facebook'. I came to know all about facebook from the movie. It's interesting.... I recommend this movie to everyone!

I had heard so much about it and every friend and family member used to tell me to join it and I procrastinated. Earlier I had tried to sign up twice and then last minute cancelled it. Well I felt as if I was to do a debit transaction to buy a solitaire ;-) ... ha ha I was acting panic !!

Anyways... Finally I joined it...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nothing like Vadilal Ice Cream...

No Ice cream like Vadilal ice cream..



woooooow!!! :-)
I am not exaggerating... it's my true feeling for Vadilal Ice cream.. I think one needs to taste it once to feel what I am saying ;-)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Latest Latest latest crush...!!! ;-)

When I saw this one, I ran out of words... YES!! "ME" ran out of words.. this song has stolen my heart right now. (well of course, I run out of words so many times and that's why no blog post for last 1.5 months... :-))

I am sooooooo in love with it... Wow!! What a combination of Art, Talent, Beauty, Voice, Music, Dance, Expression, grand glamour... I am surely going to theater to see the grant set up by Sanjay Leela whenever it is released... No matter what movie is and how its story is... I am confident that the set up would be something so glamorous...

Check out this song that I am talking about:

Short videos of the same..


This one is my latest latest crush!!!

If you do not feel LIFE after listening to this song, tell me about it... ha ha.. I bet you will!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Na Jane...........

Na Jane ye kaisa saal hai,
Har Mausam ek sa hai;

Jana Pehchana kuch bhi nahi,
Har chehra yahan anjaan hai;

Pal Pal ko gale lagati hu,
fir bhi har pal mein tut rahi hu;

pata nahi ye kaun sa mod hai,
har taraf log hai, fir bhi dil khamosh hai!

Na Jane...........

Found this nice picture while looking for a suitable pictorial presentation for my words here..... (this picture is much more positive than what I am writing here)


Monday, September 06, 2010

The Soul still does talk.....

Ji haan! bilkul dhadkan si zinda hai! 
Mere mann ki aavaz, abhi bhi sunai deti hai,

So few of you were asking me, why am I not writing anything on my blog lately and if the soul stopped talking ? :-) Nope!!!  Very much not! My soul still does talk and I am alive! 
I just was busy lately and then when I got time, I felt there was still something wrong or missing. 
Before I come back with a bang, I thought let me say hello at least :-)
Take care & Keep smiling in life...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ciao --- Meaning

I read it in a book .. so not sure how much true it is, but it says:
It's an abbreviation of a phrase used in medieval Venetians as an intimate salutation: Sono il suo schiavo! Meaning: "I am your slave!"
Ha ha ... I can't believe it really means that .. we all use it so often and I am still doubtful. Can someone do a check on this ? I am sure Girish will :-)...

Let me know if you know!

... Mania

Just realized one thing.. that I use '...' a lot in my blogging and chatting and nowadays in official emails also :-)

... finally I wrote something after so many days. Ever since I came back to India, there is lot of work and even though I get internet access, I don't get time to think about anything but work. But my restlessness was increasing and finally I am here today :) (Feels Home!!!)

Well I think "!" is also another character that I use a lot ;-)

Koi  nai... have fun ji...!! :D


DDLJ - A Love Story

It was DDLJ movie (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) playing on some TV channel. I have watched it so many times that its dialogs are by-heart now.

Raj: Pyar karti ho mujhse!?
Simran: Sabse Zyada
Raj: Bharosa hai mujhpe!?
Simran: Khud se Zyada

... "Bade bade deshon me aisi chhoti chhoti baate hoti rehti hai"
..."Miss Lucy thik hi kehti hai... aadate agar waqt par na badli jaaye, to wo jarurate ban jati hai!" 
And its poem... 
Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon mein
Undekha anjaana koi aane laga hai khayalon mein
Aankhon ki khidki par ek saya sa lehrata hai
Dil ke darwaze par koi dastak de ke jaata hai
Gheri gheri kaali aankhen mujhse mujhko poochti hai
Haaton ki rekhaon mein ek chehra sa ban jata hai
Uski saanse resham jaisi gaalo ko chu jaati hai
Uske haaton ki khushboo hai ab tak mere balon mein
Haan, aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah athrah saalon mein
Undekha anjaana koi aane laga hai khayalon mein

and... "Ja Simran... Ji le apni zindagi...!" :-)
And many more.. 
Yes certainly DDLJ is my one of the favorite movies. However, I was thinking do we really see such lovely chemistry and love stories in real life ? I mean, in common people's lives? I mean just right here, around me somewhere ? 

Why only in movies?

hmmmmmmmmm (thinkin....)

Bean Bag n Me

Yes I was too slow in this generation to know what is a bean bag like... I saw once in a show room and my friends wanted to inquire the price and I waited there. When they said the price.. I was sooo surprized. Can such a 'kothalo' (meaning some such stupid non-shapesome bag (i don't know what to call it either)..) be comfy for anyone? and specially worth the price they are mentioning ?

Hmm.. finally days passed and when I came back from US, I see such bag in my friend's house. I saw it for couple of days and finally tried sitting on it. Hmm!! Don't laugh! but I could not really sit on it well, I was just diving deep in the bean bag and felt that 'this is the most uncomfortable form of sitting mechanism in the world'.

Slowly, I started using it more to see why people love it so much. Like some of those songs which get over your mind slowly and don't leave you easily, this bean bag is now becoming one of my most favorite sitting mechanisms. I can change the pose as many times as possible and still find it unique ;-)

And now........I'm Lovin it!!!!!!!! ;-)

Cheers to the bean bag!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Felt like saying this today to my life ~

Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Hum ne bhi tere har ik gam ko
gale se lagaya hai
Hai na
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi

Hum ne bahane se, chhup ke jamane se
palkon ke parde main ghar bhar liya
Hum ne bahane se, chhup ke jamane se
palkon ke parde main ghar bhar liya
tera sahara mil gaya hai zindagi
la la lala la la lala la la la
tera sahara mil gaya hai zindagi

Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Hum ne bhi tere har ik gam ko
gale se lagaya hai
Hai na
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi

Chhota sa saya tha, aakhon main aaya tha,
Humne do boondon se mann bhar liye
Chhota sa saya tha, aakhon main aaya tha,
Humne do boondon se mann bhar liye
Humko kinaara mil gaya hai zindagi
la la lala la la lala la la la
Humko kinaara mil gaya hai zindagi

Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi gale laga le
la la lala la la lala la la la
Hain na?
Ae zindagi gale laga le
gale laga le
gale laga le
gale laga le
Ho, gale laga le

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Hug n Care

In India or may be just in the society that I have come across so far, we don't have very open acceptance of this very beautiful expression called 'Hug!'. And I wonder why?

A Hug (called "Jaadu ki Jhappi" in Munnabhai MBBS movie) is an expression that takes away all formalities, it gives comfort and it reduces stress in so many situations. It's like an "all izz well" situation in 3 Idiots movie. You hug someone and you say it briefly that you care.. or you are thankful.. or you are there or you understand them.
Honestly, how important that moment is for the other person is not easy to guess but I can promise that it makes a big difference.

I also do not encourage hugging someone you are not comfortable with. I am just saying that many times, if you recall, at the time of saying bye to your close friends or even some other close ones, do you not feel that your heart will feel better if you hug them once? But those times, I have seen it not very easily acceptable to the majority around. I can't get any answer. It just feels narrow minded. I really don't know the thinking on other side...  so can't say more.

But in this attached picture, doesn't a hug look like the best expression ever?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Poem and my fun mood!

Intezaar khatm hone ko hai,
Ab to zindagi rango me khone ko hai; (Kya keh rahe ho...Holi ko to abhi time hai bhai;-))

Khushion se kar li hai dosti maine,
Mohabbat meri palkon mein hai;

Jo kal tak khwabo mein aata tha,
ab wo chehra meri nazron me hai; (This sounds scary :P..mummy!! bhooot!!!)

Poems are always fun! If we have no talent of acknowledging the play of words, we can't do justice in reading the poems. My brother and a few friends read my other poem (Khwahish) in such a funny manner, that just made my whole emotion, expression go into trash... Of course, I felt like hitting them with something, but I could not do anything. I had to control!

However because of that, while I was writing something new, I was already feeling the humor below my throat and hence you see these parenthesis above with some smilys... :)

Just for this instance, I give permission to make fun of my words on my blog, one time offer only!!! :-)

In fun mood, there was something else that came to my mind on last Friday afternoon
"Aaj Mausam bada baiman hai,
Nind hum par kurbaan hai,
Hothon par sirf ek gaan hai -"Ghar Jana hai",
Magar Office mein bahot kam hai!!"


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forward it ... Or ??

I have received this kind of emails so many times where some temple picture or some motivational forward or some presentation where the one liner says that "Please send 10 copies and see what happens in 4 days." Sometimes these emails also write that if you don't forward some bad luck will happen to you.

I have never ever forwarded such emails to even a single person. When it says so explicitly to forward to many people - makes me even more resistent in doing so.

What's the logic really? Does it even seem that it may have any magical effect? I don't think so! Just another way to increase network usage. Na?


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally.. New Design template

There was only 1 'afsos' with blogger that it has limited templates and limited presentation ideas. Very simple ones. But Being a lover of graphics and art, I felt wordpress is doing better job but yeah I never wanted to switch from blogger.

And now finally Blogger has new designs and a LOT of new designs.. in fact lot of amazing background images also... Awesomeness.. isn't it ? :-)

How do you like this new one? (Don't worry about pink color.. it won't stay here for long, because now I have more options)

By the way, I'll be moving to India soon...


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Khwahish ~

mere shabdon ko sunne ki jise jarurat na ho,
bas aankhon ki guftagu se uski dosti ho,

meri palkon ki har aahat ka jisko ehsaas ho,
khwabon ki halchal se wo har pal wakif ho,

meri muskan aur saath ki jisko kab se talash ho,
mujhe pane ki chah mein jiski runh mahekti ho,

mujhse milkar, mujh mein samane ko bekarar ho,
ek nazar mein mujhe mehsus kar le aisa uska pyar ho,

kuch zyada hi khwahishe hai meri.. :-)

fir bhi yahi guzarish hai rab se,
ki aisa saathi pana mere naseeb mein ho!

Probability ~ continued...

This question was not very simple. Yeah little logical thinking and some base of mathematics... that's all.

Check out the answer here. Probability is 13/27 (if you like maths, read the whole article! or else... just read my next post :-)).

Interesting, isn't it?


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Probability - very Interesting topic

a Friend asked me a puzzle: "I have two children. One is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability I have two boys?"

I answered based on my thinking process. My thinking direction was correct but maths for it was very wrong. What do you think answer is? Any idea?

In my next post, I will share the link which gives its answer... enjoy!!!

P.S. My last post about "Possibility of accident" -- has bad maths to calculate probability :) Now I know why... ;-) But chalta hai.... kaun certificate dene wala hai ;-)


Possibility of accident

Yesterday I saw at least 3 accidents on road during my morning and evening drive. Read about one of them here. It makes me think, freeway drive is risky. Of course, I need to be alert all the times but then if I think about it some more... it's like if I am on freeway probability of me meeting with an accident is '1'. (mathematics concept for calculating 'probability')

So if I don't drive so much everyday then my possibility to meet with an accident or death becomes less. But what to do? I have to!

I know it's little negative thinking but trust me if you see big accidents everyday then you'll start thinking like me...

Anyway, I am doing great :) So no worries!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cars & my routine

You see the pic? That's My routine!!

Every morning I wake up and calculate if I leave at 6.20, I will get traffic like in the pic above the side which looks like coming vehicles and if I leave at 6.25 or anytime later than that, then it will be like the side which looks like going other side. (ek ek minute me pura calculation garbad ho jata hai)

Who says we have traffic only in India? It's everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Last time when I went back to India, Jan 2010 onwards I was craving to drive a car in India. I don't have a car in India so I could only crave and do nothing about it. I think God heard me and when I came back to onsite since May I am driving 120 miles everyday except weekends. Now I know why they say "ask carefully", make sure u ask what u r really wishing for and something where you know the side effects also :-) (like back pain and filling gas every now n then)

Houston needs some more lanes I guess.


Monday, May 17, 2010

2009 ~ what happened

I just saw that in 2009 I wrote about 13 posts in entire year; while this year by now I already crossed that number.

I don't know what was the deal with me then? But feels good to be writing again! :-)


Gurantee for my Smile :-)

All of us go through an up and a down of life. If something's not too big event, we go through a small version of it called low mood and normal happy mood/happy mood.

For the 'up' feel and normal happy mood, there is nothing needed. But whenever we face a low mood, we need something to cheer us up. I am sure, in these 25+ years of life, all of us may have already figured out what works for us in such mood! We know that there is something/someone who can bring a smile back on our face.
  • Is it talking to someone close to you ?
  • Is it small walk alone or with some friend ?
  • Is it some outing ?
  • Is it sleeping ? watching tv ?
  • Taking shower ? (Don't laugh.. I have a friend for whom this works big time! :-))
  • Or what?
There is something that surely works for us all the times.

For me that 1 thing is "Music". Krazzy after 'sound', deeply in love with raaga and beats, fanatic about lyrics, I breathe in Music. Generally, songs with happy lyrics or motivating lyrics does the effect of an "Injection" - while other nice numbers in installment are like regular medicine dose. :-)

So music is my secret mantra which gurantees a smile on my face! Latest one still playing in my head is "Mustafa Mustafa... " (in Hindi) from movie Duniya Dilwalon ki. Lyrics of this one is awesome! 2nd Stanza telling about ~ how life moves on like a train and stations like 'sadness' and 'happiness' keep coming... so keep going! hmm.. Lovely!

Now tell me, What works for you?

(By the way, I found out that many of you read my blog secretly but never put any comment... please go ahead and find yourself comfortable to post some anonymous comment also ;-))


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Follow the Heart ~ Rise or Fall

It sounds filmy, but I say it's true. Follow the heart! When it says something, listen to it and follow it. First thing it gives is satisfaction of living without conflict and rest is automatically taken care of. Whether it leads to a rise or to a fall, it is the path that your heart brought for you. Our heart is much more intelligent than our mind. Even our health stays lovely because we live without conflict.

When we love, when we pray, when we smile, we don't involve our mind at all, it's only heart's deal then. These are the moments when we are close to ourselves and existence and God. In these moments, whatever we do, it will Only be right!

I also believe that following your heart is a practical way too. Mind & thinking about what is right or what is wrong... all that is just a myth. Can you listen to two people talking to you? Can you make out anything from that conversation? That's why I feel that we should do something so that either mind or heart -- only 1 of them can talk at a time. For me it's easy to ignore what mind says and listen to what my heart says...
Well, this is what my soul says to me so I am putting on my blog of soul thoughts :-)

(I know lot of importance to heart talk... but I am convinced that - it's the truth of life)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


u are certainly misled by the title... right? KISS is a wonderful lesson that I have learned from my client boss. He uses phrase 'KISS it' for any problem at work i.e Keep It Simple Stupid!

So many things in our day to day lives, so many relations and what not in our daily working life, we complicate things very much. "If I don't call her, she will feel bad", "If I say this, will he understand me correctly?" "Why is this program behaving like this?" etc. Due to this habit, now, even if a simple puzzle comes up to do a multiplcation of 26 and 7, we will need calculator. (I just used in my laptop)

Can we not live simple? Can we not live with simple fundas like "Live Good, Be Good and Retain Peace!" ?


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Daras Dikha ja... Shyam re

It's beautiful and I have been listening to it so many times now. It takes me near Shyam whenever I hear it.

Shyam re Shyam re Shyam re

Daras dikha jaa, shyam re
Daras dikha jaa, shyam re
Saawre, saawre

Daras dikha jaa, shyam re
Saawre, saawre

Daras dikha jaa, shyam re

Chavvi torey nainon ki, taan teri bansi ki
Chavvi torey nainon ki, taan teri bansi ki
Satoan na tum aisay piya
Main hu teri bas teri
Satoan na tum aisay piya
Main hu teri bas teri

Saason mein basa tera naam re
Shyam re, saawre

Daras dihka jaa, shyam re
Daras dihka jaa, shyam re
Shyam re, saawre

Daras dihka jaa, shyam re
Daras dihka jaa, shyam re
Daras dihka jaa, shyam re

Itt ud khoju piya
Jaadu tuney aisa kiya
Itt ud khoju piya
Jaadu tuney aisa kiya

Samjhi ab lila tori
Basey morey man mein piya
Samjhi ab lila tori
Basey morey man mein piya

Saason mein basa tera naam re
Shyam re, saawre

Daras dihka jaa, shyam re
Shyam re, saawre
Daras dihka jaa, shyam re
Shyam re, saawre
Daras dihka jaa, shyam re

Saturday, May 01, 2010 was my day

Yeah.. it was my day yesterday... I love bowling and I finally went for it. The intensity to bowl had become too much that while one presentation was going on during mid-day, I was imagining myself holding the bowl and rolling it on the lane to do a strike :-) (just like in the picture above) I did not score too much, but still was fun.

yuhuuuuuu :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Check-in & a hand bag

It's been 6 BIG years that I am away from my parents. They already feel that they have done Kanya daan and my company is my mother-in-law :-) In fact, this mother-in-law is cool who pays me lot of money every month :D

During this 6 years of IT career, I have shifted 7 times to a different apartment. Setting up the basic amenities/furniture, electricity connection, gas connection, internet connection, talking to apartment offices or brokers etc... I am PRO now :) Initially I had lot of belongings, a lot to pack if I move. But slowly I realized that I don't need that much. Lesser the luggage easier to move-in or out. Nowadays I can easily fit myself in 2 check-in bags and 1 hand bag and then I am set to move anywhere!

To some extent I realized that we really don't need a lot of things in our day to day lives. We keep on increasing liabilities in the name of investment. So I (the great philosopher ;-)) say, enjoy lesser liabilities and relax with your loved ones. At the end of the day, your family's love is all you want...

After achieving much satisfaction in my career, I also feel that now I want a short PAUSE and not move to many apartments.

"I wanna go home"....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Another crush

Well I am not 'Bewafa'... but I must say that one needs to move on in life :)

After what I said about my latest crush I came across something new just recently. What a track in my favorite Kay Kay's voice.. "Zindagi Do Pal ki from movie Kites"

Find it here ... Amazing! :)

I am in Loveeeeeeeeeee... ..............................................................(with this song ;-))

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Loving English songs lately...

At times I get craving to listen to songs of a particular language. Sometimes I feel like listening to only Gujarati songs, sometimes only Hindi. Last 2-3 days I felt like listening to loving English songs only. Someone introduced me to this song - Viva Forever. I have no clue about which animated movie it is, which album the song is from ... nothing! But this video is really romantic with lovely music. I love it now. 

Very few other English songs that I know and have fallen in love with are - "Love is all around", "Please forgive me - by Bryan Adams" and "Everything I do - by Bryan Adams", "Nothing's gonna change my love for you by Glenn Medeiros", "Right here waiting for you - by Richard Marx", "When you know...from movie Serendipity", "My heart will go on.. from Titanic", "when you say nothing at all... in the movie Notting Hill", "Annie's Song by John Denver". 

What lyrics of each song! Wow!

If you know any awesome romantic English song, please do share.


Found the one ?!!

It's been a year+ since I created my profile on matrimony sites. I have gotten hundreds of interests and messages. I declined to many while I accepted very few. From those few also, either I rejected them or they rejected me. I have many friends around me who are like me - in their right age but are single. (Note...'right age' is a subjective word)

Whichever profiles I responded to, if today, I see their online activity status, it shows they have been online recently (i.e. logged in to matrimony site recently) - which means they are still looking for the right one.

I don't get this gamble of life. All of us are decent enough, well educated, well cultured but we all are still looking. This raises questions in my mind -

  • Are we not clear what we want in life? 
  • Are we too choosy? 
  • Are we all stupid enough to not recognize any signal that life is giving? 
  • Are we too tough to compromise on any criteria? 
  • Are we not supposed to 'look for' anyone and let life take its own pace and course ?
  • Or we are yet to learn the process of arrange marriage?

I don't know how this works and how it will work for me. I am just waiting to find the one and then may be share how this gamble works. Or may be I should just wait for 'the one' to find me instead I looking :-)

Good luck to me and all!

Adios ~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Estimation Skills

Sunday Morning has taught me how important is Estimation in life at any stage ;-)

By even one inch, I can get in trouble!

There is a concept of Class 1 estimate which means from your initial estimation you can vary +/- 50%. But in life situations like this, even 1% variation is risky :)

I am working on improving my skills now...


Sunday Morning ~

Change is only Constant -- I keep proving :)

It was really a Dhamal! I did not want to open my eyes, but God made me open my eyes so wide that I didn't just wake up but I had an awakening :)

Yeah, I am talking about my 'parakrama' yesterday morning. On a Sunday morning, I was not in a mood to wake up early. Sun started rising and I realized the brightness will not let me sleep more. So I got up to close the curtains. After closing them, with my eyes closed, with full confidence about my bed's location, I tried to lie down again. And yeah, my estimation skills had gone for a toss for sure! I was 20 inches over in my estimation. I fell next to the bed with huge 'dhadam' noise. I could not get up, nor make any other shouting, nothing! But God is with me! My friend came running from other room and took care of me.

I have almost 2.5 inches scar on my back. (although it's superficial enough, it's a scar to cause some suffering for 2 days minimum). Plywood of the bed hit me hard and sharp too.

Since I was very ready to go back to sleep, my speed and force was stronger. This force only caused shock and pain. Had some fainting and nausea and then we went to hospital. After some dressing, X-ray, and 2 injections I was back home.

Since yesterday, every time I go near curtains or come back to my bed, I keep eyes wide open, balance my self on my feet and then walk :D... Experience teaches a lot, isn't it ? ;-)

Nothing to worry anymore, I shall be up and running in 2 days.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Why's of life ~

It is not new that things happen beyond my imagination,beyond my expectation. It happens again and again. I wonder 'why'. I question to life to get no answer.

When I came back to India, I joined my office and this time I got a responsibility of a project manager. With some doubts and questions I started performing gradually. Luckily, timing is good and project has grown during this period. So all was going well.

I realized that project management has a big component of people management, taking care of everyone's emotional reaction and then end of the day make sure the work is done. But what is the earning in this? Earning is the respect that you get from the same people whose emotional reaction you are handling. I guess my income has slowed down in this project. I asked my life "why" for this and of course, I have no answer.

At personal level also, few things have happened in the recent past and I kept questioning 'why!'.

When I get so many why's, I wonder - Do we really get answer for these 'Why's' ? I don't think so. Only thing happens is that our memory gets overwritten by something else and then we move on!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Re-Connect -- Possible?!

Girish wrote here about his project "Re-connect" and I was thinking about something similar. I log in to my gmail account almost everyday and I see so many people online. These people are not just anyone, they are my friends. I see them in 'green' status in gtalk but still I don't send them any message nor they do send me any message. Messaging happens just once in a while.

I feel we are not missing any technology in staying connected with our friends, but we are missing that zeal from within to stay connected with friends.

However I also feel that life is a continuously changing dream and hence when we move on, we get new people and we update ourselves with new relationships, new learnings, new fun ideas and lot more.

I love all my friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed my life so far with each one of them. But the truth remains is that when we move on, we may lose the contact and that should be acceptable to us. It is acceptable to me.

So concluding my thoughts -- I think "Re-connect" is possible only if individuals feel something from within. Until that happens, all messengers and social networks will behave as a bank account with lots of checks and but no cash!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chhoti si Baat

A baby kid was running behind two elder kids and laughing so blissfully. His mom was walking in that area only and she said "Beta, wo tere saath nahi khel rahe, kya itna has raha hai.. pagla!" -- meaning "my dear son, those elder kids are not playing with you.. why you laughing and giggling so much?"

I was very happy seeing that happy kid and I told his mom for her statement that "Your son is also trying to show and prove that even though those elder kids are not playing with me I am very happy". Somehow from childhood without awareness people try to teach you that you can be happy only if someone is playing with you or if someone is giving you attention. What to do!! Only hope that people stop stopping the blissful kids to express their innocence and freedom.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Mirage, Fear etc

I have been thinking about this word for some time now. Anytime I see the mirage on road I remember to express the perception about this word. Dictionary meaning says - Mirage is something illusory, without substance or reality. When something does not exist but gives an impression of its existence, that's called mirage. Many times on the roads or in desert, you will find some illusion of water from distance and when you get closer, you will find the truth that nothing exist there.

Similarly, Fear of unknown is also a mirage. It is there because we are imagining it. Worry about things that are not in our control is like mirage too. We think about so many possibilities and then with all the flow logic of "If-Else" "What-If", we achieve nothing. After so much waste of energy we will realize it's only a mirage; something that does not exist.

I meet so many people, my family, my friends/colleagues. I see how mirage exist in their lives as well. Because of this mirage effect only, they miss the present, they repent for past and they worry for future. well... What to do!! 

Lot of minor changes happening in my life and I can see things flowing. Best part is that no matter what, life is treating me really well. In all directions, all people are helpful and blessing me with a lovely smile. The Mirage shows up sometimes in my life as well, but it fades away soon too. Thankfully I am able to unclutch from it very easily now!!! (Thanks to Swamiji!)

By the way I am back in India and now working from Mumbai. So I am saved from the cold of US. In India also it's cold right now, but not too bad, it's certainly within my tolerance limits. :-)

Wishing a very happy 2010 to all who read my blog post accidently or intentionally.. ha ha.. :)

Blissfully enjoying...
~ Krupa ~

Friday, October 30, 2009

Google Search n Me

I was checking my site meter today and I found that so many people keep searching with some word or the other and somehow my blog page shows up.

Isn't Google an amazing search engine? Anything can be found so easily on Google.

I love Google! And it gives me very good page rank for my blog. If someone searches with my full name on Google then they'll get my blog page as the first link in the search result.

Google does not give me money, but at least for this reason I definitely love Google :-)

What else... Life is fantastic and I am enjoying it to the fullest.... Swamiji recently visited Houston and seeing Him and meeting Him for Energy Darshan was full of compassion.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life and Vacation

I am going to India for a month on vacation and I am very happy about it. I wanted to do Navaratri in my hometown for last many years and finally I am getting that chance. I am flying to India in 2 weeks.

Someone asked me on previous post's comment that what is life according me?

Life is beyond logic! When I have done things that have no logic, I have felt so light. This weightlessness is 'Life' according to me. Note that I am not talking work or study that we do everyday. Basically, doing things spontaneously is Life.

We put conditioning and filtering to come to a conclusion, so much of planning for finances to secure our future, so much of psychological worry to only realize in the end that it was not worth. Living in the moment, spontaneously is something that is our true nature and we have forgotten that big time under the layers of society and drama.

What else can I say about this subject... If I do it will be too much of logic and :) no more light... so I will conclude it here only.

Looking forward to a trip to India and having lots of fun.. "Vacation" in real sense :-)


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love, Expectation and Hope...

Love, Expectation and Hope... how easily we have mixed these words and their meanings.

But this is how I want to express, this is how I perceive these words today ~
  • To Love is like expanding in everything we do without any conflict
  • To expect is to restrict/limit the 'possbile' and to deny the existence.
  • To hope is to accept the existence and keep the doors open for love and expansion.
When you contemplate on above expressions, what are your thoughts?


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ishq Kar tu ~

Ishq kar tu,

Khud se kar, Khuda se kar,

Runh se kar, Sharir se kar,

Apne se kar, Paraye se kar,

Is Umar ka bharosa nahi,

Tu har pal se Ishq kar,

Bahot kam vaqt hai,

Tu Gile-Shikve chhod kar, Ishq kar,

Dekh apna Mann khol kar,

Har Disha, Zameen, Aasman ko gale lagakar,

Kuch mat soch tu,

Sirf Ishq ko hi Ibadat bana kar chal!

Kahin Galti, kahin shikayat na dhundh tu,

Dil me Ishq ka Chirag jala kar

Is Jahan me Roshni bhar tu!

Ishq Kar tu!


Name of My Blog

When I named my Blog - I named it as "Soul Thoughts" -- meaning the thoughts of my soul. I had great inner chattering, many questions, many philosophical ideas and lot more. My imagination did not stop and I continued writing many posts.

For almost a year now, thoughts have decreased. Please note that my thinking has not stopped. As I recently heard in Swamiji's Video that Thoughts and thinking are different. Truly I felt the difference. Even when you are not thinking you could have thoughts. This video is big one and you can watch it at leisure. But for your reference what I am talking, comes between 25 to 35 minutes of the video.

Paramhamsa Nithyananda is the Guru (Enlightened Master) I have met in this life time. I am so fortunate to know him. Life quality has changed. My surroundings have transformed and I can enjoy everyone around me. (there are still instances when I face low mood but that frequency has decreased to a large extent)

You can watch His Videos here or here.

Simple and strong Meditation techniques, workshops and just the spiritual talk itself can lead to greater truths of life. I feel like living in ecstacy when I am meditating or internalizing the teachings of the Master, teachings of God Shiva, Teachings of God Krishna. It's lovely. Please try attending basic level of meditation programs. Worth spending 2 days of your 50+ years life. Experience it yourself.

God Bless us all! Hope we all could reach a stage of reducing thoughts or reach to a no thought stage and live in Present Moment.

...Keep Smiling...


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rubik's Revenge Completed

So it happened that after clearing 4 sides; I was struggling with the last two and I had reached a dead lock situation. Nothing was working for the two sides unless I break other already made sides. I tried to create some new technique and I messed up completely. I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN from First level.

Anyhow, Since I wanted to do it once in my life time; I decided to do it again.

And that memorable day for me had come -- it was 7th March Morning and I fixed all the sides of the Puzzle.

I have made a big hype about this Rubik's revenge on my blog I know; but for me this success was a small reason to add confidence in me and my capabilities. I am very very very happy with my achievement :)


Friday, February 27, 2009

Rubik's Revenge Continues...

So, I fixed two more sides ....,
Green, White & Yellow!
Blue, Red and Orange on their way~

Hurray!!! :-) "I truly love myself for this effort" ha ha.....


Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Productive Weekend ~

I was really tired after the Sunday errands. I did Laundry, Grocery and also explored a beautiful area in the neighborhood. I came back home and I have not even arranged my wardrobe after laundry.

I was sleepy; but I did not sleep; because otherwise my Sunday night sleep gets ruined. So, anyway, after something here and there, I started with my Rubik's Revenge where I was struggling to get '1' LAST face piece in its correct position. There was lovely music playing on my laptop. I tried many techniques and still that one piece is not working.

After a while I found myself upset leaning on the table with eyes closed. But then I got up and thought, let me try all over again!

It was around 4:25 PM on historic Sunday evening; I just had to do two moves on two sides of the puzzle and look what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!! I solved Top Layer of Rubik's Revenge 4x4 with all 16 pieces in the correct position.

There are 4 corner pieces, 8 edge pieces and 4 face pieces. If you understand this, corner piece has 3 sides with different color, edge piece has 2 different colors and getting face pieces is a challenge in itself.

In this Puzzle, it can not come correct if every piece is NOT in its correct position; so it's not like we can manage with the puzzle by shuffling left-2nd row edge piece and left-3rd row edge piece. Nah! That does not help.

If you remember, In January I mentioned that I was just away from 2 face pieces mispositioned but those 2 took a long time. (Not that I worked for it all these 2 months but still!)

Now, who wants to call me 'wanna-be geek' ? --- You are FREE to say that :) :) :) You can not imagine how happy I am right now!

"Believe that nothing is impossible and work towards it!" ~ Having that attitude is important, not the end result itself; and then end result follows! (I know I am talking too much for a small victory... but well that's how I am)

(I also added few gadgets on my blog and put the link for subscription -- and these all count to productivity of the weekend too :P )


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Local World - some drawback

Few of my friends require this kind of clock and I recommend them to keep this time in front of them before they pick up the phone. I know we are becoming global and world is becoming local. I know we can reach each other with no difficulty and the Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has been so fruitful that we can make calls in just few cents. BUT -- where do you draw a line for globalization and be considerate for someone like me?

It was her birthday and she was getting mad at me that I did not call her till half day is over; so she called me and showed her complete anger on me. Birthday means, person gets one year older - which in an ideal case - "should" mean that person gets more sanity, more buddhi. But Nah! My friend is super in converting those facts into myth. It was my 3:30 AM when she had called me to remind me that it was her birthday. She was in Singapore time zone and me in US Central time zone. HUH!!!! :P

Another friend is expert in calling me at 6:00 AM always. He always checks the Eastern time zone clock which say 7:00 AM and dials my number bindas. I agree that 7:00 AM is good time to call but come on you can't forget that I am not in that time zone!

Thank God! At least in India we have only one time zone; helps reducing the confusion.

Well, though they do this, I don't leave a chance to take their case for doing this to me :-)

My dear friends in different time zone, please buy something similar to keep a note of US Central time zone (till I am in USA) and do check the time before you call me :P

~Krupa :)

Smile and Spread the smile

It was Saturday morning and around 11 AM; I was on a walk to a grocery store and what do I see -- only silent road; few old couple with a dog and some cars on the road.

It was horribly silent and this neighborhood is so depressing, specially in this season of the year when the trees have not yet turned green and when the humid of Houston rain takes over the freshness of the air.

Hmm... That was 'me'; crying for the surroundings. But better space and greener world is inside me; I don't need to get affected by the outside colors.

However, in reality we do want to see things green around us and smiling around us; that gives us energy. And the best idea is to start doing our own share of spreading that smile and color.

Do this for me, "Smile and Spread the smile! Make someone's day!" You never know that someone may meet someone else and that someone can meet other someone and eventually that 'smile' may come to me! :-)
Keep enjoying the inner space ~ You will surely radiate in the outside world!

(I don't know where I started this post and where I ended.. but surely the end message is important ;-))

Monday, February 16, 2009

Famous Songs & their Video -- can relate?

There are few songs - very famous ones - But when I watched their original video - I was surprised. Some of them, I do not even know that actor or actress but that song is so famous! I sing those songs too, may be due to Remix version of the same I know those songs.

Let me know if you are better than me (I am sure you are:) ) and if you know the original video of these songs.

(1) Bin Tere Sanam mar mitenge hum...
(2) Nile Nile amber pe chaand jab aa jaye...
(3) Hawa Hawa.. e hawa.. khushboo luta de..
(4) Oh Hansini, meri hansini...
(5) Oh Hasina Zulfowali...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Khobo Bhari ne ame

"Khobo bhari ne ame etlu hasya;
ke kuvo bhari ne ame roi padya...."

A beautiful Gujarati song - the first two lines of the song says ~ We laughed n laughed a LOT that we ended into a sea of tears.

Sometimes the mood changes so drastically - some thoughts and some emotions take you all the way to 180 degree shift. I don't know if you can relate to these lines or this meaning, but I can. I laugh a lot and then other moment, I may be really heavy in my heart. This one is very hard to explain but ever since I heard this song, It's on my mind.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Flight from LA & more..

I was flying back from Los Angeles after Christmas. In that flight I noticed one thing which I had not observed for all these years. The aircraft had the seat numbers starting from 1 -- going all up to 32 I guess. But there was no seat row with the number 13.

I tried to search something on google real quick, but did not find anything good that can explain why it is so. However, I can say that it's certainly because of the superstition related to the number 13.

One thing I must say that it's all in the mind. I had my roll number 13 during my 12th standard and I achieved rank in the City's top 10.

Another thing about that aircraft was - they did not have TV :-( I was bored big-time. I can not sleep easily in the plane and there was no TV; so guess, what I did? I tried to solve Rubik's revenge . I tried many techniques given in the booklet. I am almost about to solve the Top Layer with only 2 of the pieces mis positioned. Ha ha...

I wanted to solve it and then come back to write about it with pride - but I am so impatient that I could not resist sharing my mid-way success. Once I solve the first level, I don't mind anyone calling me Wanna be geek ;-) ;-)

On a funny note, my colleague in office told me that he better finds a boyfriend for me that I don't spend my time behind this puzzle. Coz I am really working hard for this - deriving techniques on paper and doing lots of trial and error... :D

By the way, Wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. I wish to be regular in updating blog and with really good articles. I still remember I used to write much better earlier and somehow 2008 did not turn out that great for writing for me. Let's see how 2009 goes. As I said - all in the mind :-)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Perfection is a fever

Perfection - we aim to be perfect in almost everything we do. We aim to make no or least mistakes - we want to keep everyone happy around us.

In this process - we have been dragging ourselves so much and we forget to be ourselves sometimes too. Well, I am coming to the point that obsession about performing with perfection is not a good thing to have.

I felt that I am dragging myself many times. I have set a bar for myself and below which I can not easily accept my own performance. I think it's just fever to have that mind-set (even though it may be temporary and for short period only..)

Hope, I keep working towards inner balance and peace.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost in the Map..

I did not think it would be like this. Last weekend I was travelling to Michigan and had a flight at 7 from Houston Internation Airport.

I had a pretty simple route to reach to the Airport - I just had to take a toll road and then take an exit to the airport and that would drop me right to the long-term Parking place. Sounds simple - isn't it?

Someone from my office gave me that description and I was convinced that it's a simple route. I had the GPS Navigation with me; but who's gonna start it for such a simple route. I am kinda person who would not like to depend much on GPS because sometimes it just takes you via some toll roads unnecessarily.

I had taken a print-out for the map from google maps. Name of an exit was "Hardy Airport Connector E".

Okay, I started at 5 from my apartment and took the toll road; Toll Plaza came - I was confused for like 3 times and finally went to the lane which read "Exact Change - $1.5 Min" [Yes I did not make mistake to go to EZ TAG Lane - I had that experience once in California]. This stupid lane was an auto-service; i.e. you put Coins to the machine and it gives you fare paid reciept. I could hear my heart beats since it said No Bill - Only Coins. I wasn't sure if I had enough coins. Anyhow, I managed to get enough coins and paid the toll - BUT the gate did not open - After 5 minutes of confusion; tension; the guy on other booth opened this gate and I started again.

There came an exit called "International airport" - But Nah! I had a day of adventure - I see the exit but I don't take it coz I trust Google Map and the exit name. [ Huh...!?!]

I was convinced now that I missed it - but there was no other exit anywhere next. I finally reached another Toll-Plaza & this time I went to the "Full Service" Lane so that I can talk to someone and ask for the way. The Lady said to take first exit and take U-turn.

I took Exit - there was lot of traffic and it was 5:50 PM - It was dark now and I was definitely un-easy. I took U-turn but managed to miss the Free-way entrance again ~ [Yes.. AGAIN]

I reached somewhere and there was some board indicating Airport on my right [I was going to turn Left.. Oh Thank God! I did not] It was 6:00 now; I stopped at some place and started GPS; but Nah! it does not show me anything - coz I am not able to type correct place name. I went to a Shell Gas Station and asked for help - the good fella guided me and I reached the parking place by 6.15 and then to the air-port by 6:35.

On my way back on Sunday - I started GPS :-) & reached home in 25 minutes!

Lots of Lessons Learned - Important is: Allow your self with enough time to make more mistakes.. :D ha ha..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Faith ~ I guess that works ...

It's almost end of November. I still remember last year I was counting days to return to India in January '08. One year seemed to pass extremely fast. Well, the year has been really productive overall. AND many of my friends are getting married this year end. Nov end and December are full of weddings. This winter, My friends are tying the knot to be together forever n ever... May God Bless them all. :-)

On the other end, in my office (at client site of course) there are non-Indians who keep wondering regarding how does 'arrange' marriages really work where someone else choose the partner for you? It's been an impression about our culture that we get married to the person whom our parents choose - basically blindly :-).

I try to explain them always; that Parents do the necessary filtering (which scientifically is right and required) and then the final choice is in individual's hands. I do agree that there are still families, villages etc in India, where this choice is not given to the bride or the groom. But as far as most of the cases in today's world are concerned, we are given the free choice.

'Arrange marriage' is indeed a process not proven with any method but is represented with facts in numbers - like how many marriages are successful. To me also, it's the magic unknown. Whoever goes through it, also says the same thing - they do not know how they ended up saying 'yes' to each other. I think all that works behind this is -"Faith"; Faith in God; Faith in Existence; Faith in this Universe. Once you have Faith; you know that if your heart agrees for someone in this process - that's gonna be just right!

I have not gone through this yet but I know I have to - some day; & I am sure the other end is unaware of the magic of faith too :-)... so guess that's how it works ~


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rubik's Puzzle & Me

I am little bit occupied in this GREAT Puzzle of the world - called Rubik's Revenge.
Don't wonder that I have mastered all the techniques of Rubik's cube and I am Now on to Rubik's Revenge. Well the Joke that happend with me is - I just thought let me buy the big one instead of a small one and did not realize that it's even tougher since it has MANY MORE COMBINATIONs. Size can be deceiving; did not anyone told me? Huh!
Check this link out for getting more info about this ultimate brain teaser.
Good part of this is - I have started learning its techniques from its booklet and I am hoping that one day - ONE DAY - I will get to its solution; At least for one side!
Have you tried it ever?
(Hey Girish, don't you think that I am a 'wanna be' geek after knowing this - That title still remains with you Mr. Geek :P)
The day I resolve it, I will definitely PUBLISH it with PRIDE :D... ha ha.. (don't know if in this life time ..)

I am Alive ~

My dear blog, this is a sincere apology to you since I had gone to hibernation for a long time. This year, ever since started, God knows when! (Probably on 1st Jan) has been the time full of some work. It's been a fruitful year considering career and the opportunities that came my way. Thanks to God & this universe for everything!

Writing is my hobby and that's why I started putting my thoughts on this blog. Whatever work I am doing currently, involves lot of typing and when I come back home after work, I just don't feel like typing anymore. It has been the struggle within, trust me, when I don't write!

So... "I am Alive". Stay tuned.. and I am back :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

With Internet ~

I, finally have internet at my aparment and I can do surfing or chat with people online during weekdays too. [May be on a constructive front, can write some real good thing on my Blog too now]

Life is going good. I am kinda becoming a workoholic. I get the email sentences in front of my eyes when I am about to sleep :D Too much computer usage lately too. I want to avoid so much use of computer.

No kiddin... it is going to get worse if I let it continue this way :-) BUT I am aware of it now and won't let it become so. ;-)

Take care


[~ mania - well something is wrong with me - I use '~' sign a LOT - any time I send any email I type ~ with my name and to me it looks cool! ]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deepika's Youngest Fan ~ Tanay

He is playing and he is in his own world, sometimes he is crying for food or he is crying because he is sleepy - That's my nephew Tanay Shukla.

You play this small song of a long lady Deepika Padukone and he is all happy, shouting, jumping, dancing and in a very different world. [song is Aankhon me teri ajab si ajab si adaayein hai.. from movie Om Shanti Om]

Let me also tell you something that NOT ONLY the video makes him Diwana but he starts jumping even with the audio where it starts with the word "Shanti Priya.....!!!! " [lol.. I love to see such a cool fan of Deepika, really!! :-)]

Deepika must know that she has her 'youngest' fan here in Texas :-) We are going to make the video of his drastic mood transition. When he is a grown up kid, he can also see how deepika ke pichhe pagal he was :D and guess when he reaches his teen age, she would still be in movies and he can continue his Diwangi too ;-) (ha.. ha..)

I will share the video if possible, once made :-)


I am doing good...

I am in Houston ,Texas. Came here for a project on 1st of September. Had an opportunity to experience Hurricane Ike. I stay quite far from the actual Hurricane center areas. However, I did get a chance to experience some amount of wind storm and rain. There was power outage at my place for 3.5 days when I had nothing to do. No hot food or milk or tea or anything, no battery in phone - so no way to talk to any of friends of family, no music since my laptop does not work without power anymore and so you can imagine that I was almost in a jail. :D

I can smile now and also talk about that memory with so much description, coz God is nice to me as always. I have my cousin staying in Houston. I am all taken care of by them ever since I came to US, for every small thing to big thing. During and after Hurricane, I had some days without anyone but later days were OK, when I was with them.

I am settling slowly and doing good as long as work is concerned. I am enjoying every change at this point in life. I really believe in this very strongly - "Everything happens for a reason!"

Here I am.. in USA and working with a different Client and enjoying life with my cousin and little nephew .
Will be in touch with my blog soon.

Take care

Monday, September 22, 2008

Charlie's Video.. Very funny

I had never seen this video but my sister showed to me today and man! I could not stop laughing...

check it out (may be you have already seen it..)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kissed my soul ~

Gorgeous that smile,
Dreamful those eyes,
He whispered in my life,
& kissed my soul!

Ups & downs - he is right here ~
Always beside me!
He is in me & he is around me,
He became unsaid words of my life,
& kissed my soul!

I am mad in his arms
I am mad for his words,
I am in love with everything,
& 'Everything' involves his love!

Feeling is endless
Eternal is his memory
He really made my life
& kissed my soul!

Thankful to God!


Very ty*ical Key board ~

~Can you ty*e a word with one or more missing letters?
~Did you have to rethink while you ty*e anything in the blog?
~Do you have to reword your statements in your mind when you chat with your friends?

Well, At *resent, I have to! Reason is sim*le - I am using a La*to* where '*' key is not working. I can not ty*e that letter with the normal keyboard, unless I really o*en the on screen keyboard and start ty*ing *ro*erly!! But you know what? It's really *ainful to use the mouse in between to just ty*e a *articular letter.

I am trying to use the alternative words while chatting/writing a blog and even avoiding using my email account login ;-) (u know my id may contain my name)

Did you guess what key of my keyboard is not working ;-)?

I am sure you are smart!


Friday, August 08, 2008

Less Productive Week

This week was very less productive at work. I was on leave on Monday and Tuesday and after that, I come to office, sit at my place, refresh my inbox couple of times, go around, meet many more people and then come back and do something more.

Every morning I was feeling that I do not want to get up and sleep more. Evening when I reach home, I feel glad. Very lazy feeling, yeah?!?

My iPod is still not working and after checking many options, I am convinced that it has got Hard disk problem and I will have to give it for service. But I think I won't. So mostly, I am out of the music player right now that was my only companion.

Anyways! I am looking for some kind of change. Let's see when, where, how?


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jalti Shamaa

Hum jiske sang beh nahi sakte,
Wo armaano ka jharna ho tum,

Hum jo keh nahi sakte,
Wo adhuri kahani ho tum,

Hum jo mita nahi sakte,
Wo chahat ki nishani ho tum,

Hum jo chun nahi sakte,
Wo pyari manzil ho tum,

Hum jo nibha na paye,
Wo dosti ka ehsas ho tum,

Hum jise bujhne se rok na sake,
Wo khwabon ki Jalti shamaa ho tum,

Jise hum ji nahi sakte,
Wo akeli jindagi ka adhura hissa ho tum!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Online Facilty - Helpful but Painful in hidden way ~

Thanks to Dilbert.. Please Read on!

Idea of online banking, online bill payment and many other online things ... I am sure most of us would consider it a great benefit because it makes our lives easier and saves us from going physically to a place and perform the task.

However, for me, lately I have found too many online accounts as a problem in itself. I have some reasons for it:

1> Every account has different username and password policy .. i.e. some accounts suggest to use special characters and few do not.

2> Many places, the user name which I may want to keep, may already have been taken. I have to invent a new one, which may be an odd one compared to any of my other accounts. [one more thing to remember]
3> Every account asks me to keep some security questions and provide its answers~ do I (or will I be able to) even remember what questions have I chosen for which account and what was my answer there? And If I keep same answer everywhere, then also it's not a great idea from security point of view ~ hmmm..

4> Password change after, say, 45 days also cause one more headache. I know that it is necessary, but how do I remember all?
5> To keep it in my memory, I can also have an option to write it somewhere and whenever required, refer to it. But huh! how can I write my password anywhere, which can be accessible to anyone?

6> Some bank accounts have the numbers only as the user id. So more credit cards you have, different user ids you will have to remember. [This is one reason, I do not keep many credit cards and restrict myself to one] Also some accounts have only numbers allowed for passwords.
7> Gas or electricity, etc - Add to the number of accounts I already have!
4-5 System passwords (in my software area), mulitple bank accounts, online e-ticket facility for train and for flights and many more..
Recently in my company, they have created one portal where I can login and reset my domain password on my own! Who would remind me the portal password NOW to reset the domain password?

8> If I go on vacation for 4-5 or more days, then, definitely, expect me to forget the passwords easily.

I have more reasons too. I totally agree that Password policy is designed for security, but I, somehow, find it very difficult to remember and manage with these.

Do you have a good way to manage which is secure too? I guess, Girish (Mr. Wanna be Geek) will have some idea. Please Share!