Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Strength within, what else am I looking for?

Mountains and sky,
Form a high dream,

My thoughts and my attitude,
Can I achieve that dream?

"I have faith, I have trust,
within me, I feel love"
- wanna just follow it,
It is the secret of ALL.

This is by nobody, but me.
They say dream high, you will achieve high. I say love ALL, you will achieve ALL. :-)

Miles of distance, can be travelled through space, if we love. I believe so.

Does this post sounds too poetic? It's fun to think like a poet. It's a different feeling. Just feel it and enjoy it! Woooow!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Taking a blame

I started reading people's blogs, and realized that I have opened the account here long back.

I have a problem of thinking too much. I guess putting it into words is the best idea to get rid of thoughts. Hence this post!

One typical dialog, everyone must have heard - 'Marriage at this age?' :-) People have always a belief that they are so young. -- They find an excuse for escaping from a responsibility.

Now that was little offtrack. I don't wanna waste my energy in that. (In fact i heard many ppl saying it during last few days, so it was on mind)

Taking a blame - is that really worth?
OR let me say: "Nobody is responsible for anyone's mood"
Recently, I went for car driving lesson and while driving, I was thinking of others who are affected because of my slow driving as a learner. How stupid is that? If they are not happy with the way I am doing, they will change the route else it is their problem. Why do I blame myself for spoiling their mood.

People can make you feel anything that you dont want to believe in, if you get affected by their opinions. I used to get affected when ppl give some opinion about my some action. But now have realized that I am responsible for my action and not they.
You are released from unnecessary suffering the moment you release yourself from people's opinions. I am not saying that you don't listen to people. But don't let them control your mind/mood.

Now, taking a blame -For example, if I am going somewhere and I made my sister also join me. And someone has already called my sister to go to him/her and she forgot. Do I need to take that blame of spoiling that third person's mood? No I don't need to. Believe me, I met with such people who actually take such blames.

I am no one to bother what do people do by making such choices. But I also know that I am here with a purpose to fulfill. To learn lessons of helping people learning their lessons. And I don't want people to take blame and disrespect their own soul. A soul who can not respect and love his/her ownself, who else would he/she love/respect? will learn from whom? will teach wat?

I just want people to look little wider and free themselves. Hey people, Allow yourself to love, to love yourself, to love others, to believe that people can love you, they want to give all the respect you want. Just the matter of your permission.