Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Markers in Life

It's my birthday, it's my graduation date, it's my engagement day, it's the day when I performed the best on stage, it's valentine's day, it's the day when I started my job, it's the day when I switched to a second job ;) and the list can go on.

These days are the markers in one's life which are of special importance. Some moments and some special days take super significance over any other routine day. Quite normal.. right?

Psychologically what this means! - We attach a meaning to any day and then become happy about it. But now there is nothing in this world which is not in pair - i.e. - there exists something opposite as well. The way we have happy and good days to remember, we might also have some sad days in life e.g. it's the day when I failed in my exam, it's the day when my brother went out of town, it's the day when my sister got married and left me, it's the day when I lost my dear one's company, it's the day when my favorite actor/singer died.. and so on..

Analytically, any event attached to a day is just part of your memory or your thought. But emotional effect of it, is somehow not really detachable. If it's a birthday, there is an expectation of getting some surprize or some gift or some special wish/phone call or special food for that day Or simply new clothes. Expectation is an emotinal reaction of the body.

And if it's a day when you lost something/someone, you tend to remain unhappy due to the psychological marker in your mind. Something has happened, that moment is gone away now and it's not gonna be changed. So whatever is not there today, was not there yesterday, so will not be tomorrow too. BUT that marker/thought still makes you sad, it still adds to your sorrow and makes you completely unhappy.

The markers in life have gotten a meaning by us already. How can we detach that psyche ? How we can overcome the past events (be it happy or sad) AND remain in the present moment?
My job is not to identify only problems but a solution to it too :)

But this time, no great solution yet!