Monday, April 14, 2008

Khuda Ke Liye - In the Name of GOD

"Khuda Ke Liye - In the Name of God" -> The movie I surely admire..

Some movies when you watch you feel there is a lot the director wants to cover and he is not doing justice to all the aspects. BUT This movie, has it all and is all so well presented.

The movie is about Islam. Many people in this world, make up their own interpretations about GOD and GOD's message and try to misguide the people. This movie , so beautifully, shows how can just few people misguide a big bunch of people in the name of GOD. It covers how the women are treated in the men-dominant world, again in the name of GOD's message.

Part of the movie deals with the message - "Do not hate some country or people from some race or religion, just because some or few of them have done something wrong". Woow!! So important for us all to understand. Love is so big a Religion, why put the constraints of Race, Religion, country and money!!

We face this racial, regional, religion discrimination all around. There is a habit to generalize. I am a Gujarati (West part of India) girl, let me take my example and say - I meet with many people who say "Oh! you are gujju.. Gujjus are quite this or quite that!!" And similarly we also say sometimes, Americans are like this, Indians are like that and so on...

Movie's storyline is awesome and the direction, the print of the movie, the colors, the music, acting and so much clarity in the dialogues. (Some dialogues which had too many Urdu words, was difficult to understand but surely the context was clear)

I perceive these messages -
- Do not misguide yourself in the name of GOD.
- Feel the GOD within you, be honest and have intergrity in your living. This will bring you closer to GOD for sure!
- Live with the sense of Equality and Love in your heart.- Do not generalize your opinion about people from any caste, religion or country. It's not fair to generalize.

Newspapers and the critics have their own criterias to give 'stars' '*' to the movies while For this movie, I will just say "I truly loved it!"

A suggestion From a MUSIC-FREAK like me :)) Go buy the CD of this movie songs.. You won't repent it if you like Sufi Type songs!

Until we meet again ~

Enjoy, Appreciate and Put into Practice!


Monday, April 07, 2008

Kathhak Shikhti balao nu noor ~~

Komal Pag emna, Najuk najuk hath,

Gol ghume to e Duniya ghumi jaane,

Kudko bhare to jaane ek pahor ni chhalang bhari le

Aankhon ma chamak ane pag ma ghunghroo bandhi ne nache;

Chham Chham Chham chham Saad kare,

Joine emne bani chhu nishabd hu;

Man ma khush thati hu, emne joine malaku chhu hu;

Madira bharyu emnu sahaj Smit joine,

Emni j saathe Laya ma khovai java ichhu chhu;

Aa koi kavita nathi, Shabdo no shangar - Alankar nathi,

Mari saathe Taal Par nachti e balao no nasho chhe;

Koi ne nahi samjay aa mara hriday na eva shabdo chhe!!!