Monday, June 30, 2008

What would you do, if you were one of them ~

It's raining heavily in Mumbai today. My roomies and I were wondering why do we have to go to office today! Getting wet in rain even with an umbrella in hand (even the umbrella was sinking due to heavy rain) and feet all time in 2 inch (minimum) water all over, we reached the bus stop.

Bus came and we headed to office. Traffic was bad everywhere due to rain and we took 1.5 hrs to reach office instead of normal 40 minutes.

We have put so many efforts to come to office, there should be something exciting to happen to give worth to those efforts !!:D

Okay, let me tell you what exciting 'can' happen! We had our performance appraisals during April and today is the day when we 'may' get our letters. That letter which everyone is waiting for - which will tell you how much more money you will get in next year or may be how much more tax will be deducted .. ha ha.. It can also be a promotion in your position.

A funny thing happened few mins ago - I met few people who were waiting outside the meeting room at 9:55 AM, coz they had booked the meeting room from 10:00 AM for their regular team meeting. They figured that the HR team - the team who is working on putting the appraisal letters in the envelopes so that they can dispatch them soonest- is using that meeting room.

In a normal scenario, if anyone uses the meeting room without booking it and when you have booked it, it just makes you very angry. In today's scenario, people were angry but they did not want HR team to move out in the middle of such an important work.

Isko bolte hai 'Dharma Sankat' jaisi situation.. he he..

If I was one of them, my reaction would be same too - 'angry but don't want to kick them out' :) - After all, they are doing something of my interest!

What would be your reaction?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hope or Expectation ~ Are you clear about your emotion?

Neha and I were discussing something. As usual, we were arguing for our points and none of us wanted to give up. ;-) But then she made an interesting statement that is still on my mind. "Hope is a beautiful emotion, don't ever mix hope with Expectation".

It happens. Many times we hope for something to happen, but then we end up suffering. Why? Because we put condition that the hope should become reality. The moment you put a condition on your Hope - it becomes expectation.

In the Bollywood movie 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" - there was a dialog - "सपने देखो! बस उनके पूरे होने की शर्त मत रखो!" =>"Dream anything, but don't put conditions that it must get fulfilled."
True! :-)

So Neha - You were right, I think I was suffering from expectation and I was naming it as hope! Thanks!


Friday, June 06, 2008

High in the rain ~

Barsi aakhir wo baarish jiska intezar dil kar raha tha
Wah! Subhanallah!!
Angadi marodkar aaj saawan jhoom raha hai,
kabhi idhar to kabhi udhar,
kabhi thoda to kabhi zyada,
thandi chal rahi hai pavan,
khush mizaz rehti hai dhadkan,
Masti chhayi hai galiyon mein,
bachho ki shaitaniya sunai di ab kaano mein,
baarish me bheeg kar football khel rahe,
rang-birangi chhato ke saath dance kar rahe,
khidaki se unki mummy chinta mein chillaye,
ha ha!! ye dekh.. Papa unke mann mein muskaye ;-)

Mitti ki wo khushboo jo mujhe kahi aur na mili,
des pardes gayi, lekin apne vatan ki yaad nahi gai,
Sau rang se badhkar megh dhanush ka rang;
Khushiya saji hai har taraf baarish ke sang;
Mera mann to kho chuka hai,
Daud kar baarish me ghoom raha hai,
Angadi marodkar aaj saawan jhoom raha hai,
Puchhiye apne dil se bhi,
Aakhir wo bhi to kuch keh raha hai!!

:-) High in the rain
~ Krupa