Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life and Vacation

I am going to India for a month on vacation and I am very happy about it. I wanted to do Navaratri in my hometown for last many years and finally I am getting that chance. I am flying to India in 2 weeks.

Someone asked me on previous post's comment that what is life according me?

Life is beyond logic! When I have done things that have no logic, I have felt so light. This weightlessness is 'Life' according to me. Note that I am not talking work or study that we do everyday. Basically, doing things spontaneously is Life.

We put conditioning and filtering to come to a conclusion, so much of planning for finances to secure our future, so much of psychological worry to only realize in the end that it was not worth. Living in the moment, spontaneously is something that is our true nature and we have forgotten that big time under the layers of society and drama.

What else can I say about this subject... If I do it will be too much of logic and :) no more light... so I will conclude it here only.

Looking forward to a trip to India and having lots of fun.. "Vacation" in real sense :-)