Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Why's of life ~

It is not new that things happen beyond my imagination,beyond my expectation. It happens again and again. I wonder 'why'. I question to life to get no answer.

When I came back to India, I joined my office and this time I got a responsibility of a project manager. With some doubts and questions I started performing gradually. Luckily, timing is good and project has grown during this period. So all was going well.

I realized that project management has a big component of people management, taking care of everyone's emotional reaction and then end of the day make sure the work is done. But what is the earning in this? Earning is the respect that you get from the same people whose emotional reaction you are handling. I guess my income has slowed down in this project. I asked my life "why" for this and of course, I have no answer.

At personal level also, few things have happened in the recent past and I kept questioning 'why!'.

When I get so many why's, I wonder - Do we really get answer for these 'Why's' ? I don't think so. Only thing happens is that our memory gets overwritten by something else and then we move on!