Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Comfort Zone

Whenever I find myself doing some particular thing again and again, I analyze it in detail. Specially I focus on whether I am doing is right or not. (Don't ask how do I derive 'right' or 'wrong'!)

People, when in group, are more comfortable within the group and not outside of it. If you have observed, you always have a 'Comfort Zone' defined. Consciously or subconsciously you wanna remain in the comfort zone and not go beyond that. I was thinking about this particular characteristic and let me admit that I did ask myself questions from both the side i.e. pros and cons..

If you are still wondering what do I mean by comfort zone then let me try to define:
Comfort Zone is a particular set of situation or people or place where you feel most comfortable, you enjoy and you feel secure.

There are quite many reasons to stay in the comfort zone and why not?
-You are among the people who know you.
-If you make any blunder, you feel secure within your own people.
-You can ask any question as many times as you want without any hesitation.
-You can talk in the language which is most comfortable for you.
-what else.. in general, you tend to enjoy because you are comfortable.

Thinking about the uncomfortable zone, we normally have a strongly denying part in us which says 'No' to something different/difficult. Why? I don't know. May be it just doesn't get us confidence, it just doesn't promise certainity in something.

I am not saying you can't adjust in a new situation, of course you can. But normally you try to avoid such condition until you are in a 'no-choice' situation. Willingly, you would never prefer an uncomfortable zone.

One of my friends recently switched his job and I really appreciate his guts to go out of the comfort zone (many friends, known place, familiar way of life) and try different set of challenges in life to achieve some other prioritized dream in his life. That incident is fresh in my mind which adds to current thought processing and says - Yes.! people really need to build the confidence to face a new/unknown and hence initially uncomfortable zone without hesitation.

Today while attending some presentation, I was analyzing the willingness to remain comfortable & cushioned among my own people. And somehow, for a change, I thought to try an uncomfortable zone. And trust me, it wasn't 'feel good' type at all But yes, it wasn't difficult to try for. So my conclusion for myself, Staying in a comfort zone is good, but I must try the uncofortable zone with confidence, without hesitation.

Can you think about something similar going on with you?


Monday, April 02, 2007

I can't think of a title~

Har Pal Roshni ke liye tarasta ye dil,
Pane ki chah me chal raha ye dil;

Dard ke saye me sanse bhar rahi,
Dhadkano ka paigam jane na koi;

Aaj fir us aahat ko dhundh rahi,
Par dur tak subah ka suraj nahi;

Udas hone lagi hai wo shama,
Usko jalne ki ab tamanna nahi;

Khushiya ban gai hai anjaan,
Dil bol raha bas aansuo ki zuban!!