Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rubik's Puzzle & Me

I am little bit occupied in this GREAT Puzzle of the world - called Rubik's Revenge.
Don't wonder that I have mastered all the techniques of Rubik's cube and I am Now on to Rubik's Revenge. Well the Joke that happend with me is - I just thought let me buy the big one instead of a small one and did not realize that it's even tougher since it has MANY MORE COMBINATIONs. Size can be deceiving; did not anyone told me? Huh!
Check this link out for getting more info about this ultimate brain teaser.
Good part of this is - I have started learning its techniques from its booklet and I am hoping that one day - ONE DAY - I will get to its solution; At least for one side!
Have you tried it ever?
(Hey Girish, don't you think that I am a 'wanna be' geek after knowing this - That title still remains with you Mr. Geek :P)
The day I resolve it, I will definitely PUBLISH it with PRIDE :D... ha ha.. (don't know if in this life time ..)


Sathish said...

And they solve in 41 sec!!! OMG

Girish said...

I cant even solve the regular Rubic's cube (After going through the hints a 1000 times!) so forget this one!! Yeah and you are a certified geek now :) !!