Monday, November 24, 2008

Faith ~ I guess that works ...

It's almost end of November. I still remember last year I was counting days to return to India in January '08. One year seemed to pass extremely fast. Well, the year has been really productive overall. AND many of my friends are getting married this year end. Nov end and December are full of weddings. This winter, My friends are tying the knot to be together forever n ever... May God Bless them all. :-)

On the other end, in my office (at client site of course) there are non-Indians who keep wondering regarding how does 'arrange' marriages really work where someone else choose the partner for you? It's been an impression about our culture that we get married to the person whom our parents choose - basically blindly :-).

I try to explain them always; that Parents do the necessary filtering (which scientifically is right and required) and then the final choice is in individual's hands. I do agree that there are still families, villages etc in India, where this choice is not given to the bride or the groom. But as far as most of the cases in today's world are concerned, we are given the free choice.

'Arrange marriage' is indeed a process not proven with any method but is represented with facts in numbers - like how many marriages are successful. To me also, it's the magic unknown. Whoever goes through it, also says the same thing - they do not know how they ended up saying 'yes' to each other. I think all that works behind this is -"Faith"; Faith in God; Faith in Existence; Faith in this Universe. Once you have Faith; you know that if your heart agrees for someone in this process - that's gonna be just right!

I have not gone through this yet but I know I have to - some day; & I am sure the other end is unaware of the magic of faith too :-)... so guess that's how it works ~


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rubik's Puzzle & Me

I am little bit occupied in this GREAT Puzzle of the world - called Rubik's Revenge.
Don't wonder that I have mastered all the techniques of Rubik's cube and I am Now on to Rubik's Revenge. Well the Joke that happend with me is - I just thought let me buy the big one instead of a small one and did not realize that it's even tougher since it has MANY MORE COMBINATIONs. Size can be deceiving; did not anyone told me? Huh!
Check this link out for getting more info about this ultimate brain teaser.
Good part of this is - I have started learning its techniques from its booklet and I am hoping that one day - ONE DAY - I will get to its solution; At least for one side!
Have you tried it ever?
(Hey Girish, don't you think that I am a 'wanna be' geek after knowing this - That title still remains with you Mr. Geek :P)
The day I resolve it, I will definitely PUBLISH it with PRIDE :D... ha ha.. (don't know if in this life time ..)

I am Alive ~

My dear blog, this is a sincere apology to you since I had gone to hibernation for a long time. This year, ever since started, God knows when! (Probably on 1st Jan) has been the time full of some work. It's been a fruitful year considering career and the opportunities that came my way. Thanks to God & this universe for everything!

Writing is my hobby and that's why I started putting my thoughts on this blog. Whatever work I am doing currently, involves lot of typing and when I come back home after work, I just don't feel like typing anymore. It has been the struggle within, trust me, when I don't write!

So... "I am Alive". Stay tuned.. and I am back :-)