Sunday, December 21, 2008

Perfection is a fever

Perfection - we aim to be perfect in almost everything we do. We aim to make no or least mistakes - we want to keep everyone happy around us.

In this process - we have been dragging ourselves so much and we forget to be ourselves sometimes too. Well, I am coming to the point that obsession about performing with perfection is not a good thing to have.

I felt that I am dragging myself many times. I have set a bar for myself and below which I can not easily accept my own performance. I think it's just fever to have that mind-set (even though it may be temporary and for short period only..)

Hope, I keep working towards inner balance and peace.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost in the Map..

I did not think it would be like this. Last weekend I was travelling to Michigan and had a flight at 7 from Houston Internation Airport.

I had a pretty simple route to reach to the Airport - I just had to take a toll road and then take an exit to the airport and that would drop me right to the long-term Parking place. Sounds simple - isn't it?

Someone from my office gave me that description and I was convinced that it's a simple route. I had the GPS Navigation with me; but who's gonna start it for such a simple route. I am kinda person who would not like to depend much on GPS because sometimes it just takes you via some toll roads unnecessarily.

I had taken a print-out for the map from google maps. Name of an exit was "Hardy Airport Connector E".

Okay, I started at 5 from my apartment and took the toll road; Toll Plaza came - I was confused for like 3 times and finally went to the lane which read "Exact Change - $1.5 Min" [Yes I did not make mistake to go to EZ TAG Lane - I had that experience once in California]. This stupid lane was an auto-service; i.e. you put Coins to the machine and it gives you fare paid reciept. I could hear my heart beats since it said No Bill - Only Coins. I wasn't sure if I had enough coins. Anyhow, I managed to get enough coins and paid the toll - BUT the gate did not open - After 5 minutes of confusion; tension; the guy on other booth opened this gate and I started again.

There came an exit called "International airport" - But Nah! I had a day of adventure - I see the exit but I don't take it coz I trust Google Map and the exit name. [ Huh...!?!]

I was convinced now that I missed it - but there was no other exit anywhere next. I finally reached another Toll-Plaza & this time I went to the "Full Service" Lane so that I can talk to someone and ask for the way. The Lady said to take first exit and take U-turn.

I took Exit - there was lot of traffic and it was 5:50 PM - It was dark now and I was definitely un-easy. I took U-turn but managed to miss the Free-way entrance again ~ [Yes.. AGAIN]

I reached somewhere and there was some board indicating Airport on my right [I was going to turn Left.. Oh Thank God! I did not] It was 6:00 now; I stopped at some place and started GPS; but Nah! it does not show me anything - coz I am not able to type correct place name. I went to a Shell Gas Station and asked for help - the good fella guided me and I reached the parking place by 6.15 and then to the air-port by 6:35.

On my way back on Sunday - I started GPS :-) & reached home in 25 minutes!

Lots of Lessons Learned - Important is: Allow your self with enough time to make more mistakes.. :D ha ha..