Sunday, December 21, 2008

Perfection is a fever

Perfection - we aim to be perfect in almost everything we do. We aim to make no or least mistakes - we want to keep everyone happy around us.

In this process - we have been dragging ourselves so much and we forget to be ourselves sometimes too. Well, I am coming to the point that obsession about performing with perfection is not a good thing to have.

I felt that I am dragging myself many times. I have set a bar for myself and below which I can not easily accept my own performance. I think it's just fever to have that mind-set (even though it may be temporary and for short period only..)

Hope, I keep working towards inner balance and peace.



Sathish said...

I'm with you on this...

Something, Which I definitely need to work... and that too very quickly...

Samy said...

Very Very true ... I have the same disease, where I just cant help checking myself 2-3 times over to see that everything, everyone is happy and to the right most details that all is PERFECT !!!
I need to eliminate this fever i think ...

KrupA said...

:-) I did not know there may be more suffering from this problem..

yes.. let's keep up and fight that emotion. I think best way is to Meditate!