Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Name of My Blog

When I named my Blog - I named it as "Soul Thoughts" -- meaning the thoughts of my soul. I had great inner chattering, many questions, many philosophical ideas and lot more. My imagination did not stop and I continued writing many posts.

For almost a year now, thoughts have decreased. Please note that my thinking has not stopped. As I recently heard in Swamiji's Video that Thoughts and thinking are different. Truly I felt the difference. Even when you are not thinking you could have thoughts. This video is big one and you can watch it at leisure. But for your reference what I am talking, comes between 25 to 35 minutes of the video.

Paramhamsa Nithyananda is the Guru (Enlightened Master) I have met in this life time. I am so fortunate to know him. Life quality has changed. My surroundings have transformed and I can enjoy everyone around me. (there are still instances when I face low mood but that frequency has decreased to a large extent)

You can watch His Videos here or here.

Simple and strong Meditation techniques, workshops and just the spiritual talk itself can lead to greater truths of life. I feel like living in ecstacy when I am meditating or internalizing the teachings of the Master, teachings of God Shiva, Teachings of God Krishna. It's lovely. Please try attending basic level of meditation programs. Worth spending 2 days of your 50+ years life. Experience it yourself.

God Bless us all! Hope we all could reach a stage of reducing thoughts or reach to a no thought stage and live in Present Moment.

...Keep Smiling...



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I am glad u have found ur way :)

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mata krupadevi hope you are working on SAP when u get the time .. :-)