Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love, Expectation and Hope...

Love, Expectation and Hope... how easily we have mixed these words and their meanings.

But this is how I want to express, this is how I perceive these words today ~
  • To Love is like expanding in everything we do without any conflict
  • To expect is to restrict/limit the 'possbile' and to deny the existence.
  • To hope is to accept the existence and keep the doors open for love and expansion.
When you contemplate on above expressions, what are your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

very short but very true :)...too good

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I am not going to agree 100% with whatever you said here. [ I am not your Yes Man - though i like you a lot:) ] Just as a note -- English is a very poor language. they have only one word called LOVE for - Prem, Sneh, Priti, Lagav, Jodan, Mahobbat, Vahal and so many things in our language.

However,this is what i feel when someone says something about LOVE....
LOVE - is a POWER of life and a relation, it is giving up yourself for something or someone worthy

EXPECT - I agree.

HOPE -this is the best definition or meaning i have ever come across... IMPRESSIVE. Not flattering you I mean it.

I wish to talk to you. Send me an email. Please .....

- Original Anonymos :)

KrupA said...

Anonymous - 2: This is not quite acceptable to me that you come and post any comment on my page without revealing your identity. Hope that you understand this is a public page and anyone who checks my blog can make judgement about me because of your comment.

Appreciate if you can post comments in decent language.

Of course, I am thankful to anyone who expresses interest in reading my blog, but it has to be decent!


Hanry said...

Dear Krupa:
This is the easiest way. Call me Hanry Ford. I wish to be like him one day.

Any way after reading your posts last night (over weekend) this is what happened to me....

Chhu jati ho dil ko tum chand labzome,
mere Khvabo ko bhi karati ho apane kabzeme
mai janta nahi tumhare dil ka hal, (par)
aashik na milega mujsa duniyake sare ksbome

I won't address you sweetie anymore. Neither will i be aggressive to express my feelings.... I do understand that you are a cultured girl and I want to maintain your descent image. I sincerely apologize for aggravating you.

keep writing... I love both.writer and writing....

Sathish said...

Well, though words are not necessary to communicate... it has become important as our communication is more through a media than a direct experience...

Prefer to experience... :)