Friday, October 30, 2009

Google Search n Me

I was checking my site meter today and I found that so many people keep searching with some word or the other and somehow my blog page shows up.

Isn't Google an amazing search engine? Anything can be found so easily on Google.

I love Google! And it gives me very good page rank for my blog. If someone searches with my full name on Google then they'll get my blog page as the first link in the search result.

Google does not give me money, but at least for this reason I definitely love Google :-)

What else... Life is fantastic and I am enjoying it to the fullest.... Swamiji recently visited Houston and seeing Him and meeting Him for Energy Darshan was full of compassion.



Sathish said...

:) How did u make Google do that ;)

Wow... Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Well Google IS God! Dont u knw dat?
and how hv u been?i m at home,fr sister's wedding...