Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ishq Kar tu ~

Ishq kar tu,

Khud se kar, Khuda se kar,

Runh se kar, Sharir se kar,

Apne se kar, Paraye se kar,

Is Umar ka bharosa nahi,

Tu har pal se Ishq kar,

Bahot kam vaqt hai,

Tu Gile-Shikve chhod kar, Ishq kar,

Dekh apna Mann khol kar,

Har Disha, Zameen, Aasman ko gale lagakar,

Kuch mat soch tu,

Sirf Ishq ko hi Ibadat bana kar chal!

Kahin Galti, kahin shikayat na dhundh tu,

Dil me Ishq ka Chirag jala kar

Is Jahan me Roshni bhar tu!

Ishq Kar tu!


Name of My Blog

When I named my Blog - I named it as "Soul Thoughts" -- meaning the thoughts of my soul. I had great inner chattering, many questions, many philosophical ideas and lot more. My imagination did not stop and I continued writing many posts.

For almost a year now, thoughts have decreased. Please note that my thinking has not stopped. As I recently heard in Swamiji's Video that Thoughts and thinking are different. Truly I felt the difference. Even when you are not thinking you could have thoughts. This video is big one and you can watch it at leisure. But for your reference what I am talking, comes between 25 to 35 minutes of the video.

Paramhamsa Nithyananda is the Guru (Enlightened Master) I have met in this life time. I am so fortunate to know him. Life quality has changed. My surroundings have transformed and I can enjoy everyone around me. (there are still instances when I face low mood but that frequency has decreased to a large extent)

You can watch His Videos here or here.

Simple and strong Meditation techniques, workshops and just the spiritual talk itself can lead to greater truths of life. I feel like living in ecstacy when I am meditating or internalizing the teachings of the Master, teachings of God Shiva, Teachings of God Krishna. It's lovely. Please try attending basic level of meditation programs. Worth spending 2 days of your 50+ years life. Experience it yourself.

God Bless us all! Hope we all could reach a stage of reducing thoughts or reach to a no thought stage and live in Present Moment.

...Keep Smiling...