Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chhoti si Baat

A baby kid was running behind two elder kids and laughing so blissfully. His mom was walking in that area only and she said "Beta, wo tere saath nahi khel rahe, kya itna has raha hai.. pagla!" -- meaning "my dear son, those elder kids are not playing with you.. why you laughing and giggling so much?"

I was very happy seeing that happy kid and I told his mom for her statement that "Your son is also trying to show and prove that even though those elder kids are not playing with me I am very happy". Somehow from childhood without awareness people try to teach you that you can be happy only if someone is playing with you or if someone is giving you attention. What to do!! Only hope that people stop stopping the blissful kids to express their innocence and freedom.



Mihir said...

hmmm --

I have a different view about this---
Since childhood every kid is born ambitious and with capabilities to
achieve great things .... only few follow through in their quest rest listen to the surrounding and stop achieving ----

my view may not be perfect. Any way very happy to see you writing again. I think i should start writing too.

Sathish said...


worldthrumyeyes said...

Hahahahha how awesome!!! I love happy kids :) They are such a joy to watch!!!