Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Latest Latest latest crush...!!! ;-)

When I saw this one, I ran out of words... YES!! "ME" ran out of words.. this song has stolen my heart right now. (well of course, I run out of words so many times and that's why no blog post for last 1.5 months... :-))

I am sooooooo in love with it... Wow!! What a combination of Art, Talent, Beauty, Voice, Music, Dance, Expression, grand glamour... I am surely going to theater to see the grant set up by Sanjay Leela whenever it is released... No matter what movie is and how its story is... I am confident that the set up would be something so glamorous...

Check out this song that I am talking about:

Short videos of the same..


This one is my latest latest crush!!!

If you do not feel LIFE after listening to this song, tell me about it... ha ha.. I bet you will!!!