Friday, January 29, 2010

Re-Connect -- Possible?!

Girish wrote here about his project "Re-connect" and I was thinking about something similar. I log in to my gmail account almost everyday and I see so many people online. These people are not just anyone, they are my friends. I see them in 'green' status in gtalk but still I don't send them any message nor they do send me any message. Messaging happens just once in a while.

I feel we are not missing any technology in staying connected with our friends, but we are missing that zeal from within to stay connected with friends.

However I also feel that life is a continuously changing dream and hence when we move on, we get new people and we update ourselves with new relationships, new learnings, new fun ideas and lot more.

I love all my friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed my life so far with each one of them. But the truth remains is that when we move on, we may lose the contact and that should be acceptable to us. It is acceptable to me.

So concluding my thoughts -- I think "Re-connect" is possible only if individuals feel something from within. Until that happens, all messengers and social networks will behave as a bank account with lots of checks and but no cash!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chhoti si Baat

A baby kid was running behind two elder kids and laughing so blissfully. His mom was walking in that area only and she said "Beta, wo tere saath nahi khel rahe, kya itna has raha hai.. pagla!" -- meaning "my dear son, those elder kids are not playing with you.. why you laughing and giggling so much?"

I was very happy seeing that happy kid and I told his mom for her statement that "Your son is also trying to show and prove that even though those elder kids are not playing with me I am very happy". Somehow from childhood without awareness people try to teach you that you can be happy only if someone is playing with you or if someone is giving you attention. What to do!! Only hope that people stop stopping the blissful kids to express their innocence and freedom.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Mirage, Fear etc

I have been thinking about this word for some time now. Anytime I see the mirage on road I remember to express the perception about this word. Dictionary meaning says - Mirage is something illusory, without substance or reality. When something does not exist but gives an impression of its existence, that's called mirage. Many times on the roads or in desert, you will find some illusion of water from distance and when you get closer, you will find the truth that nothing exist there.

Similarly, Fear of unknown is also a mirage. It is there because we are imagining it. Worry about things that are not in our control is like mirage too. We think about so many possibilities and then with all the flow logic of "If-Else" "What-If", we achieve nothing. After so much waste of energy we will realize it's only a mirage; something that does not exist.

I meet so many people, my family, my friends/colleagues. I see how mirage exist in their lives as well. Because of this mirage effect only, they miss the present, they repent for past and they worry for future. well... What to do!! 

Lot of minor changes happening in my life and I can see things flowing. Best part is that no matter what, life is treating me really well. In all directions, all people are helpful and blessing me with a lovely smile. The Mirage shows up sometimes in my life as well, but it fades away soon too. Thankfully I am able to unclutch from it very easily now!!! (Thanks to Swamiji!)

By the way I am back in India and now working from Mumbai. So I am saved from the cold of US. In India also it's cold right now, but not too bad, it's certainly within my tolerance limits. :-)

Wishing a very happy 2010 to all who read my blog post accidently or intentionally.. ha ha.. :)

Blissfully enjoying...
~ Krupa ~