Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sadness spread!

In my life, I have had really interesting journey so far! Lot of years passed by. In the search of 'what to search for'. I missed a lot and I felt I wanted so less, I wanted so much and I felt I got so less. I got so much and I felt how to use that much!


Sometimes too deep and sometimes very abstract understanding about what's happening inside of me. In this journey, I learned a lot. Many times I felt, I received enough learning and I am really done! What more can I get? Not knowing what lies ahead of me, it was always the sadness underneath ambiguity.

Although I carried greatly happy attitude towards life, I conquered all the sad events in life, I still can not like ambiguity in life. I know there is something called patience but sigh! me and patience... one difficult area where I still struggle.

After n number of years wait, I have found some real strong and 'for-life' source of happiness, I am very happy. But the ambiguity still does not leave me and sadness tries to spread under that cover.

What do I do?



Sathish said...

Well... can say tips on how to improve patience,.... can say sadness, happiness are a choice...

can .... can question... is there something called final?? ... can question... are we learned enough?, had we learned enough?,

... the whys, the whats, the ambiguities...the hopes, the despairs... all that are choices...

We could be just experiments, initiated by a new code (genes of male and female) and the logic's it derives, devices due to the choices the other experiments... which reduces, increases, destroys, creates boundaries that existed then

:)... Well.. let's leave it... :) Choose what you have found.... Choose ... :)

Anil P said...

Every happy moment justifies itself, its existence. Sometimes it's an end all by itself.