Sunday, July 10, 2011

Begging...encourage or not?

On Radio they were asking about the beggars and begging - should we encourage it? There was some policeman who shared his opinion and he said something really good. When we see the beggar, we imagine our kids and then we feel sympathy and we give them money. He asked people to STOP imagining this because until we stop, begging will never go away from India. Imagining a better India, please kick the concept of begging out.

From other perspective, yes, I guess if we don't give money to the needy then how will they survive? I don't know how they will survive, but one has to lift his spirit up by doing something that he can, instead of giving up and begging. I don't have much to say nor do I know the real solution to this. However, I still can not agree that begging is the last option they have.

I surely discourage begging and beggars.



Soham Shah said...

It's a debatable topic ..

But yes, when I see a beggar, I cant resist myself from helping him/her as I just think that what he will be eating once I deny him any money ..

But tht's how we are .. tht's how we have been grown up .. To help needy ..

KrupA said...

I agree it's a debatable topic. Indeed it is. But you know somehow I still don't feel like giving them anything.

Law Garden, Ahmedabad, I went last time in the night time, I saw 14-16 years 2 boys, their face expression ... after a long day, they were eating together from one plate. I saw another 40 years guy owning another 'laari' (maybe fafda or something), doing some calculations in his little diary like book.

I feel like giving to these type of people who work for living than who give up on living.

Sathish said...

mmm... one's choice...