Sunday, November 19, 2006

Voicing an opinion

Someone( or some community) has thought of something and I want to say something @ it- that's called voicing an opinion about that thought.

Now out of many people we meet, everyone has their own style of conveying their opinion. (I lack that ability of conveying nicely OR even conveying any opinion) Everybody do not tend to listen. There are many who want to speak while there are many who doesn't want to speak but also doesn't want to listen to.

Am I trying to tell you differnt ways of voicing an opinion? NO. I just feel, this is one of those areas where one can improve so that can win people's hearts and also get the message conveyed in a right manner. When I put some thought, I should sound open to others' thoughts, my body language should say I am flexible. When I say - 'No, it's not so!'- it shouldn't hurt the other person. Well.. I am talking about very subjective topic here. I mean.. even if you are open for thoughts and other person is not open to accept the unacceptance of his/her thoughts - then my thoughts are not applicable there, isn't it?

I am not a big 'gyani' and I don't claim to be one. Out of my mini-brain, I take out some thoughts into words and I write something. I wouldn't expect people to get into shoes of any character of my blog. Why did I write this - coz somehow a blogger has always a risk of hurting people who read and who feel that the blog is meant for them. I really don't want to take any responsibilty.

I have a responsibility fear ;), you know.


Inner wildness, can I control it? I believe I can, if I want to. But many a times I miss control over my inner wildness.

What do I mean by inner wildness? It's nothing but a state when myself doesn't like me as a person. When my soul doesn't feel good being in my body. However I try, I can not come out of the body. So I get angry. I see people around and I also shout at them (most of the times unnecessarily!) They get hurt and then I get no choice of overcoming that emotion which I impressed on them. The moment left - never comes back. I have been always saying this. I need to be totally present and controlled in every moment. But I am not yet!

Okay, can I also think that wildness is a feeling of being helpless? Helpless over circumstances. Helpless about the path I chose (which I had to choose)? Helpless about the outcomes of walking on that path? One knows and one never knows!! Do I sound very confusing to you? May be I intend to do so, but I know what I am writing and why. It is not meant for anyone to understand. And if think you do, you are misunderstanding. :)

What is my life meant for? Is it just doing some technical stuff, learning some programming fundas, cooking and writing blogs? I still keep checking my blog everyday like 'did anyone posted any comment?' But I am waiting for the day when I just write a blog and not expect comment and don't check it explicitly as a separate activity. It is not that I don't like comments and I don't like people reading my blog.

Let me explain! When I do something, it should not lead me towards an endless sufferingful net of expectation. Even if it just a matter of blogging!

Today, I have few more topics on my mind and hence will keep writing about them. But of course a separate topic for each.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just Adjustment

Just little adjustment and everything goes good. For everyone, who do not stay alone, this holds true that you have to adjust somewhere, somewhat. When you stay with someone, you always have to be flexible for every activity involved in your routine.

[Now comes my 'But' type of argument :-)...]

Even if you adjust, problems still arise. People still misunderstand, people still do not like your habit. They do know your nature, they have accepted you that way and shared a relation with you, but still they hate you sometimes. What do they gain in doing so? They invite unnecessary disturbance for themselves. One of my friends stays with some friends and he/she is suffering there. His/her routine is not accepted by others and they do not behave nicely. How a hatred feeling inside will invite peace?

How I see this - One should accept other person the way he/she is. At successful acceptance, one will feel fresh vibrations of healthy relation. And on the other hand, if any person has to adjust little bit in his/her nature, he should go for it to encourage a mature relationship.

Of course, if you just can not bear a relation, please be open and talk it out. You will get the solution. When there is no escape from a relation/circumstances, please adjust a bit and you will be happy. I mean, Why can you not drift away from your schedule, if that helps a good relation?

With adjustments, remember not to take any blame. Also do not take anyone for granted. All small small pieces combine together and affect a major aspect of your life.

Writing blog - helps me many times. When I started writing today, I was upset due to some similar problem, but at the end I remember that it was my choice and not anyone's behavior. And to resolve a problem, what required is - 'just adjustment' :-))