Saturday, December 30, 2006

Something in Hindi

ye kaisa waqt hai jindagi ka,
jo aage nahi badhta;

hawaye chalti hai,
par ek patta bhi nahi hilta;

raat ho gayee hai,
par suraj nahi dhalta;

saase chal rahi hai,
par dil nahi dhadkta;

aankhe khuli hai,
par ek aasu bhi nahi aata!!


(This is not written by me, but it suits me at the moment)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

~Make one's day~

To make someone's day - It is a very nice feeling. And when that someone is your close friend -.. fir to kya kahiye :)

Things change in life, we change with time too, Priorities change, but we keep living & at every stage of life, we have different people around. Even a single happy day because of you in someone's life, is an achievement for you. You made his/her day. After all we live only one moment at a time, so don't you think that you actually put your heart in making someone happy in that one moment?

There is a book called 'Fish Tales', I read it few years back, but I still remember its funda of making one's day. Imagine - one entire day - full of loads of work or totally without work, But there comes a service person (or anyone..I am just giving an example) and gives you a nice smile and wishes you a good day, did you not feel good? If at the end of day, if you try to remember just one nice thing happened to you that day, then you will Definitely remember his/her smile. Bet?? :)

Today evening when I was leaving the office, I was smiling because I had a good day today, there one man entering the building saw me and said: "You're smiling, you had a good day, yeah? Have a good evening" & then a nice smile. I feel that I made his day with my smiling face and then eventually he made mine too..

Sometimes just a smile, sometimes just one word -'Take care', sometimes a simple 'hi..', sometimes word - 'miss you' while sometimes a word - 'love you' makes your day. You need not be physically present to make anyone's day.

As a bottom line - We live a moment at a time, it is up to us that we want to make someone's day in that moment or we want to spoil their day? :) (It also depends how the other person takes that.. but I don't wanna talk about it right now.. )


Monday, December 04, 2006

Faith in God

There is a reason for everything on this earth. We Only have the control over what choice we make to see & accept the right reason.

I am here for some purpose, I need to learn to love people, control my anger, accept everyone equally at higher level.. etc... most importantly I am here to stay happy always. I was recently asked a question - 'Do you believe in GOD?' & I said 'No'. Why did I say no? May be because I thought, GOD is not taking care of me & I see no reason to trust Him, as He doesn't do any good to me. But someone (very nice person I know) told me that God's ONLY wish is that we stay happy. He can not do everything in our lives. Our mind as a medium has to translate His holy wishes into actions. But when we choose to stay sad, His wishes are disregarded. How injustice is that!

My answer is changed. Oh of course though- For me, having faith in GOD - has nothing to do with any religious matters. I need to get connected to Him. That's it. It can be anywhere (at home, at temple, at office...), anyhow (meditation, pooja,havan, karma kriya OR just loving&respecting myself).

Okay, what if something terribly goes wrong in your life & you are not responsible for it? Is 'blaming God', in that case, right?

Let me answer this question: Everything has a reason. If something wrong has happened, it is because you needed to learn some lesson out of it & you've not learned one yet. what's the point in blaming God when you did not do your job rightly? [P.S. - I am not talking about only one lifetime here] Had you learned your right lesson at the first place, you would never face it again.
You get ruined in business or you lose your loved one - Is God Responsible? Business case, He never advised you to do what you did & now you are blaming Him. Second case, everyone has limited lifespan. Nature has its own rules & calculations. Everyone has to come, go & come back again. You simply can't blame God for it.

hmm.. Did you get any message out of this post? You need to love yourself & listen to His wishes righly (GOD is within you). You need to translate them into actions so that your purpose is fulfilled/meaning is justified.

In this fast world & 21st century, people would really throw my thoughts into garbage & then they will go back & question God (standing in the temple, looking at the 'x' person, thinking - oh (s)he comes here too?) about their unfulfilled wish.

:) I would just smile then! I've already fulfilled my purpose.