Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winning over Negative

Trying to analyze certain mood swings these days:

When your mind and body is surrounded by negative thoughts, you need something which can make that negativity go out of your system. But there is a lot dependency here. Until the right positive support comes up, you are left 'in' that negative force.

Now, there is no way the positive energy comes to you on its own. Spiritually, there is a lot more meaning attached to whatever you are going through. You need to learn how to handle the negative situations on your own and bring the positive life force to kill those wrong emotions. ( 'Wrong' emotion? Well, the emotion which is just the outcome of anger, hatred ( and may be sometimes )having no base - I 'want' to call it as 'Wrong' emotion.) But question arises, how do I kill those? From where do I bring that +ve force? Shall I seek for external factors? Should those external factors be music, dance or some such commonly and always available factors? OR shall I seek for people who can be a good support?

Asking this question again and again, I realized People are not the right support to have around. People also have their wrong/right emotions and their vibrations affect you when you are accompanied by them. As long as good vibes affect, it is fine. But let me tell you how this normally works? When mind's -ve part is active, it can absorb -ve vibes faster than +ve.

What does this mean as a whole? I shall rely on music-like factors? well, thinking more about it I get an answer as 'NO', because ultimately it is an 'external' factor which is of help for a very short timespan.

So far, I am talking about how to get rid of the negative emotions. Right now, My inner self tells me to remain quiet and observe the pattern of negative thoughts and not to react to it. Reacting means feeding -ve part. And reacting means investing energy also. So external-short lifespan- factors might be of help, BUT, rigidly, what I should follow is: 'No Reaction to thoughts!' In fact, sometimes books you read, also help. I must say, my thoughts on this post are quite influenced by the book called The Power of Now. I am glad I got to know about this book & am reading it.
Gettin in touch with a wrong book - can also cause trouble, but to remain quiet is THE solution, I guess.

Alright, seems like some concrete solution is with me, I just need to apply it. Generally, application is visibly difficult, but it is very well possible. So here I go again, to win over -ve emotions :)


Friday, January 19, 2007

Kaise apna kahu?

khamosh rahu ya tanha rahu,
is 'Lamhe' ko kaise apna kahu!

muje paraya kehta wo,
aur apno se dur karta wo;

bina saval kiye isko sahu,
is 'Lamhe' ko kaise apna kahu!

Har taraf udas mausam,
sawan rut aur aankho ka sangam;

dil ko kaise main juth kahu?
tanha dhadkan ko kaise sath du!

khamoshi se shor machau,
is 'Lamhe' me khud se kho jau!

ek vishwas ka intezar karu,
intezar ko kaise khatm karu!

rok kar khud ko rok na pau,
haar kar ab kaise nazar milau!

javab ki ummid nahi --
fir bhi saval karu,
aakhir is 'Lamhe' ko kaise apna kahu!


Monday, January 01, 2007

I Can't help!! --- Really??

I have said this MANY times in my life so far and I think I still say it sometimes, but ultimately I do the opposite. Got anything what I wrote? Nah... right?

hmm, "I can't help it" -I have used this sentence many times so far and at the end I do help my self, my continuously thinking mind, the situation. Ask me how & I have the only answer: I had to make a choice and I made one which helped.

Someone has said this and it is Totally TRUE - There are always two choices - one is in favor and one is not. It is up to you to make the right choice.

Level of feeling out of control is so high when you say 'you can't help it'. You can definitely help yourself, you are not so weak. But when you choose not to help your self then I think you are the weakest person. You know the solution to some problem but still you are not able to implement it, how helpless!! How action less!! Did you try taking any action to implement it or you just quitted?

Easier is to say -'Don't quit' - I know that, harder is to implement it. But trust me, it is not impossible.