Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kissed my soul ~

Gorgeous that smile,
Dreamful those eyes,
He whispered in my life,
& kissed my soul!

Ups & downs - he is right here ~
Always beside me!
He is in me & he is around me,
He became unsaid words of my life,
& kissed my soul!

I am mad in his arms
I am mad for his words,
I am in love with everything,
& 'Everything' involves his love!

Feeling is endless
Eternal is his memory
He really made my life
& kissed my soul!

Thankful to God!



lotto 649 results said...

It could widen my imagination towards the things that you are posting.

KrupA said...

I did not understand ur comment..
and more :) who are you?

~ Thanks for stopping by, anyways!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful:)

Sathish said...

Well... this is true if all the "he" are prefixed by an "s" ;)

mmmmmm..... Just thinking about it makes... mmmmmm... :)

KrupA said...

thank you so much.


well.. please create something for ur own emotions :) Don't be Anu Malik here :P

& I did not understand rest of the sentence which is like u thinking something and ur hands typing something.. :-)


I am grateful for ur consistent Comments :)

Sathish said...

Well... Grateful!!! :)

The second line meant... reading that poem, and thinking about it made ... so enjoyable... very touching... mmmmm... :)

Hope confused you more ;)

Anonymous said...

oh wowwwwwwwwwww!!! KrupA, this is your most beautiful creation to date and I think we both know why! :)