Friday, August 08, 2008

Less Productive Week

This week was very less productive at work. I was on leave on Monday and Tuesday and after that, I come to office, sit at my place, refresh my inbox couple of times, go around, meet many more people and then come back and do something more.

Every morning I was feeling that I do not want to get up and sleep more. Evening when I reach home, I feel glad. Very lazy feeling, yeah?!?

My iPod is still not working and after checking many options, I am convinced that it has got Hard disk problem and I will have to give it for service. But I think I won't. So mostly, I am out of the music player right now that was my only companion.

Anyways! I am looking for some kind of change. Let's see when, where, how?



worldthrumyeyes said...

Become the change my dear... BECOME the change!

Get a new hair cut... or buy something very funky... totally unlike ur style.... :)

KrupA said...

Hi Neha..
true yaar.. shayad kuch to khud se karna padega..

ur comment helped :)
thank you

Sathish said...

:) There are lot of things one can do... if we want to....

This world has lot of problems to be solved

KrupA said...

he he.. If one wants to..

Well..Satish, many times such a phase comes where the 'want' really is not clear. During that time only the laziness takes u over.

But anyways..reg. world problems. :-) Thank you for advice:P..

I do what is in my reach and will keep doing it :-)

Sathish said...

mmmm... Yeah.... Agree

Did I advice??!!! I am very sorry for that.... :(

Great... Keep it up :)...