Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am doing good...

I am in Houston ,Texas. Came here for a project on 1st of September. Had an opportunity to experience Hurricane Ike. I stay quite far from the actual Hurricane center areas. However, I did get a chance to experience some amount of wind storm and rain. There was power outage at my place for 3.5 days when I had nothing to do. No hot food or milk or tea or anything, no battery in phone - so no way to talk to any of friends of family, no music since my laptop does not work without power anymore and so you can imagine that I was almost in a jail. :D

I can smile now and also talk about that memory with so much description, coz God is nice to me as always. I have my cousin staying in Houston. I am all taken care of by them ever since I came to US, for every small thing to big thing. During and after Hurricane, I had some days without anyone but later days were OK, when I was with them.

I am settling slowly and doing good as long as work is concerned. I am enjoying every change at this point in life. I really believe in this very strongly - "Everything happens for a reason!"

Here I am.. in USA and working with a different Client and enjoying life with my cousin and little nephew .
Will be in touch with my blog soon.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Nice to know u doing fine baby... btw did u get my voice mail ;)

KrupA said...

Yes dear I got your voice message with ever green expression "gadhi!!... etc.." :D

will call you soon yaar..

Sathish said...

mmm... so houstan... mmm... Thats a hell of an experience... mmm... shows, How much we are tying ourself to technology rather than nature...