Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deepika's Youngest Fan ~ Tanay

He is playing and he is in his own world, sometimes he is crying for food or he is crying because he is sleepy - That's my nephew Tanay Shukla.

You play this small song of a long lady Deepika Padukone and he is all happy, shouting, jumping, dancing and in a very different world. [song is Aankhon me teri ajab si ajab si adaayein hai.. from movie Om Shanti Om]

Let me also tell you something that NOT ONLY the video makes him Diwana but he starts jumping even with the audio where it starts with the word "Shanti Priya.....!!!! " [lol.. I love to see such a cool fan of Deepika, really!! :-)]

Deepika must know that she has her 'youngest' fan here in Texas :-) We are going to make the video of his drastic mood transition. When he is a grown up kid, he can also see how deepika ke pichhe pagal he was :D and guess when he reaches his teen age, she would still be in movies and he can continue his Diwangi too ;-) (ha.. ha..)

I will share the video if possible, once made :-)



Girish said...

He just enjoys the song. Got nothing to do with Deepika you see ;) !!

Anonymous said...

lolz... I agree with Girish :)

KrupA said...

But he started recognizing the audio only after the video caught on his mind with her smiling face that covers the screen at that time.

Aree.. u both have to see it to believe it kya?

Kuch bhi ha... :P :P


Sathish said...

No... No... This is intrution of privacy... God save Tanay... lagraha hai, uski aunt abhi peeche nahin chodegi.. :(