Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kissed my soul ~

Gorgeous that smile,
Dreamful those eyes,
He whispered in my life,
& kissed my soul!

Ups & downs - he is right here ~
Always beside me!
He is in me & he is around me,
He became unsaid words of my life,
& kissed my soul!

I am mad in his arms
I am mad for his words,
I am in love with everything,
& 'Everything' involves his love!

Feeling is endless
Eternal is his memory
He really made my life
& kissed my soul!

Thankful to God!


Very ty*ical Key board ~

~Can you ty*e a word with one or more missing letters?
~Did you have to rethink while you ty*e anything in the blog?
~Do you have to reword your statements in your mind when you chat with your friends?

Well, At *resent, I have to! Reason is sim*le - I am using a La*to* where '*' key is not working. I can not ty*e that letter with the normal keyboard, unless I really o*en the on screen keyboard and start ty*ing *ro*erly!! But you know what? It's really *ainful to use the mouse in between to just ty*e a *articular letter.

I am trying to use the alternative words while chatting/writing a blog and even avoiding using my email account login ;-) (u know my id may contain my name)

Did you guess what key of my keyboard is not working ;-)?

I am sure you are smart!


Friday, August 08, 2008

Less Productive Week

This week was very less productive at work. I was on leave on Monday and Tuesday and after that, I come to office, sit at my place, refresh my inbox couple of times, go around, meet many more people and then come back and do something more.

Every morning I was feeling that I do not want to get up and sleep more. Evening when I reach home, I feel glad. Very lazy feeling, yeah?!?

My iPod is still not working and after checking many options, I am convinced that it has got Hard disk problem and I will have to give it for service. But I think I won't. So mostly, I am out of the music player right now that was my only companion.

Anyways! I am looking for some kind of change. Let's see when, where, how?