Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Khobo Bhari ne ame

"Khobo bhari ne ame etlu hasya;
ke kuvo bhari ne ame roi padya...."

A beautiful Gujarati song - the first two lines of the song says ~ We laughed n laughed a LOT that we ended into a sea of tears.

Sometimes the mood changes so drastically - some thoughts and some emotions take you all the way to 180 degree shift. I don't know if you can relate to these lines or this meaning, but I can. I laugh a lot and then other moment, I may be really heavy in my heart. This one is very hard to explain but ever since I heard this song, It's on my mind.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Flight from LA & more..

I was flying back from Los Angeles after Christmas. In that flight I noticed one thing which I had not observed for all these years. The aircraft had the seat numbers starting from 1 -- going all up to 32 I guess. But there was no seat row with the number 13.

I tried to search something on google real quick, but did not find anything good that can explain why it is so. However, I can say that it's certainly because of the superstition related to the number 13.

One thing I must say that it's all in the mind. I had my roll number 13 during my 12th standard and I achieved rank in the City's top 10.

Another thing about that aircraft was - they did not have TV :-( I was bored big-time. I can not sleep easily in the plane and there was no TV; so guess, what I did? I tried to solve Rubik's revenge . I tried many techniques given in the booklet. I am almost about to solve the Top Layer with only 2 of the pieces mis positioned. Ha ha...

I wanted to solve it and then come back to write about it with pride - but I am so impatient that I could not resist sharing my mid-way success. Once I solve the first level, I don't mind anyone calling me Wanna be geek ;-) ;-)

On a funny note, my colleague in office told me that he better finds a boyfriend for me that I don't spend my time behind this puzzle. Coz I am really working hard for this - deriving techniques on paper and doing lots of trial and error... :D

By the way, Wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. I wish to be regular in updating blog and with really good articles. I still remember I used to write much better earlier and somehow 2008 did not turn out that great for writing for me. Let's see how 2009 goes. As I said - all in the mind :-)