Monday, June 28, 2010

Poem and my fun mood!

Intezaar khatm hone ko hai,
Ab to zindagi rango me khone ko hai; (Kya keh rahe ho...Holi ko to abhi time hai bhai;-))

Khushion se kar li hai dosti maine,
Mohabbat meri palkon mein hai;

Jo kal tak khwabo mein aata tha,
ab wo chehra meri nazron me hai; (This sounds scary :P..mummy!! bhooot!!!)

Poems are always fun! If we have no talent of acknowledging the play of words, we can't do justice in reading the poems. My brother and a few friends read my other poem (Khwahish) in such a funny manner, that just made my whole emotion, expression go into trash... Of course, I felt like hitting them with something, but I could not do anything. I had to control!

However because of that, while I was writing something new, I was already feeling the humor below my throat and hence you see these parenthesis above with some smilys... :)

Just for this instance, I give permission to make fun of my words on my blog, one time offer only!!! :-)

In fun mood, there was something else that came to my mind on last Friday afternoon
"Aaj Mausam bada baiman hai,
Nind hum par kurbaan hai,
Hothon par sirf ek gaan hai -"Ghar Jana hai",
Magar Office mein bahot kam hai!!"



Sathish said...

ye... Kam kya hota hai? :-?

KrupA said...

Kam = Work... Hindi word for 'work'...

Sathish said...

Noooo... It was pun intended... :) towards all of us, who are very busy in work...

Sathish said...

Anyway... Thanks for the explanation :)