Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mind over heart

I face a phase many times where my mind says 'A' and my heart says 'B'. Now it's not a problem to listen to 'B' if that sounds practical. But when it doesn't sound practical then go for 'A'.

hmm. this sounds very simple to do, doesn't it? Well, it's not simple always.
Generally, listening to heart is emotion driven and listening to mind is logic or fact driven. So when you see that emotions are of no value in the practicality then wake up and listen to 'A'. I am pretty sure that 'A' is really not what we want at that point of time, but trust me, when your emotions do not fit into real world, it's a wise choice not to go for 'B'.

However, I believe one should be able to define, what is practical and what is not, very clearly.
e.g. In one sided love relationship, you should accept that practically, that relation is not gonna work then just leave the other person free, set the other person free.
But in case of two-sided love relationship, you should go for your heart even if anyone in the world doesn't agree to your relationship. [This is just an example, I can find many more.. but this one suits the post title the most]

Friday, June 22, 2007

I miss that...

Fragrance that comes from the wet sand when it's the first rain of the season, is something that I am missing right now so desperately. I bet, No Best perfume of this world can beat that fragrance.

Such things sometimes make me feel so nostalgic that the songs like 'Ghar aaja pardesi, tera des bulaye re' - just add so much impact to that feeling.

Uff! I miss India.

Every region has its own identity and all together is also a great combination. All rituals, emotions, culture, folk dances and music - is just awesome. There are positive as well as negative points about so many things in this world and any country is not excluded from it. If I have one negative point in me, I should try whatever I can, to improve on it and turn it into positive. Not that I should keep saying bad about my negative point.

Anyway.. my point is not write about how people should think or not.

I just wanna say, I miss my home, miss my country, my culture, my people. (I know my language shows possession. But why not?) And some matters are better not understood or analyzed too profoundly.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Effect of time

Some times due to the stress that I choose to bear, It happens that entire day I stay with some state of mind and then ultimately with some fight within, I sleep. Stress may be defined as some kind of problem at work, or any personal issue with any of your friend or any tension related to any matter.

However, Next morning is fresh when I open my eyes. I do not feel anything but a nice freshness in everything. But in just few minutes when my mind wakes up, it starts playing with the time other than 'Now', i.e. Past events or anything else which had caused any kind of stress last day. Then I lose. That stress affects me at least in some way. If I choose to ignore it or if I find a solution for it then its effect is lesser until I sleep next day.

Basically, what I am trying to say here is - When mind is really asleep or when mind is not controlled by time or events associated with it, then I am totally fresh and happy but not otherwise. This is again in context of any stressful condition that I am walking with. It's not valid to say that I am not happy ever. Of course, I am happy many many times, but sometimes under mental stress, my state of mind is controlled by the factor other than me.

I do not like such situation Personally. I am now trying to accept that freshness that I feel first in morning and take it along, rather than let the mind play. When naturally I am happy, why should I let anything else take that control over and change that happy effect/mood? Trust me, natural reaction is to forget things and stay in the present but over the years, we develop this habit of re-living the time when we are not happy and keep that feeling inside.

I think this is precisely what The book 'The Power of Now' says - Stay in 'Now' and do not let psychological time take things over. (Find review about this book here.)

इस पल में जो जीया,
वही तो है मैने जीयाा;
इस पल को उस पल से जोड़ कर,
मैने पूरा जीवन सजा लीया!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

बस तु इतना कर !

अपनी पलकों से आँसु मीटा दे;
देख! क्या खुबसूरत सवेरा आया है!

तु सोच मत उस रात के बारे मे;
वो अँधेरा राख बन चूका है;

तेरे अंदर के खुदा को तु पहचान,
भरी हुई आँखों से उसे नीराश मत कर;

प्यार भरा ये पुरा जहाँ तेरे सामने है,
इसकी बाँहों मे अपनी तमन्नाओ को सवार ले;

जादू की तरह हर मौसम बदलेगा,
तु बस अपने वीश्वास से आज को स्वीकार ले!


[Please pardon the Hindi fonts out here ;) I am saying this because I know some of the letters are not displayed the way they should be!]

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I recently got this compliment which says "I am a good talkative person" but this compliment doesn't end here, they say "I am not a good listener" and some people make it worse saying - "I CAN'T be a good listener". And HENCE I can't call it a compliment anymore because it's kinda pointing out my weakness at something.

बोलो.. ये भी कोई बात हुई? :( भला.!!! मैं भी क्या ज़्यादा बोलती हू? नही नही, आप ही बताओ

I am sure you are laughing at this now. :( I was thinking to prove that I am a good listener but for that, someone has to talk, right? I think some people just don't speak. They need people who can ask them something and then they can talk otherwise they themselves do not find any topic to talk. Is it my fault that I can make a person talk to me on phone for 1+ hour, who actually claims to be unable to talk much with people on phone? Now If I leave things as it is, those friends of mine will never call up.

I should do something, but what should I do? For now, I have decided to reduce talking. Let's see how it goes! If people feel better with this then may be I was taking them for granted to listen to me.