Friday, July 25, 2008

Online Facilty - Helpful but Painful in hidden way ~

Thanks to Dilbert.. Please Read on!

Idea of online banking, online bill payment and many other online things ... I am sure most of us would consider it a great benefit because it makes our lives easier and saves us from going physically to a place and perform the task.

However, for me, lately I have found too many online accounts as a problem in itself. I have some reasons for it:

1> Every account has different username and password policy .. i.e. some accounts suggest to use special characters and few do not.

2> Many places, the user name which I may want to keep, may already have been taken. I have to invent a new one, which may be an odd one compared to any of my other accounts. [one more thing to remember]
3> Every account asks me to keep some security questions and provide its answers~ do I (or will I be able to) even remember what questions have I chosen for which account and what was my answer there? And If I keep same answer everywhere, then also it's not a great idea from security point of view ~ hmmm..

4> Password change after, say, 45 days also cause one more headache. I know that it is necessary, but how do I remember all?
5> To keep it in my memory, I can also have an option to write it somewhere and whenever required, refer to it. But huh! how can I write my password anywhere, which can be accessible to anyone?

6> Some bank accounts have the numbers only as the user id. So more credit cards you have, different user ids you will have to remember. [This is one reason, I do not keep many credit cards and restrict myself to one] Also some accounts have only numbers allowed for passwords.
7> Gas or electricity, etc - Add to the number of accounts I already have!
4-5 System passwords (in my software area), mulitple bank accounts, online e-ticket facility for train and for flights and many more..
Recently in my company, they have created one portal where I can login and reset my domain password on my own! Who would remind me the portal password NOW to reset the domain password?

8> If I go on vacation for 4-5 or more days, then, definitely, expect me to forget the passwords easily.

I have more reasons too. I totally agree that Password policy is designed for security, but I, somehow, find it very difficult to remember and manage with these.

Do you have a good way to manage which is secure too? I guess, Girish (Mr. Wanna be Geek) will have some idea. Please Share!



Girish said...

Since you referred to me, I obviously had to chip in. But I am sad to say that despite having known me for 2+ years you never really heard me ranting about Keepass. I always told you to keep your passwords in KeePass. Its a secure offline database that can store your passwords. Keep Keepass in your portable disc drive and you are done. No more remember 100 passwords. Just use one....

KrupA said...

Okay.. first of all..thanks for sharing this valuable info, Gmuz sir...

now.. u know that i can not really grab the techie or any such software info if u have been talking about it all through these priceless years..

and ur open source post.. alas! I am sorry.. i could not read it.. too technical for my interest dear..

but now since u have mentioned about something that is useful to me.. i will certainly check it out and see how it helps me..

thank u ..:)

Sathish said...

:) Well... we'll evolve... having everything in one... like a google account...

Can you find out from Girish, How secure is this keepass? is this certified?

Padawan said...

KrupA said...

Thanks for sharing that link, Padawan.