Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lyrics and Music that I recommend ~

I genergally get that feeling that I am very good at appreciating the talent!! ;-)
Specially in the field of music, I can go on appreciating the song, music, instrument, the lyrics and the composition... Lately, I have been talking more about the lyrics. (Appreciating something doesn't mean that I also own that talent ;-))

I really love the poems and I am also a poet up to some extent. Every field has the limit like an endless sky to improve in. I feel that I am at a lower level and trying to improve in that direction. However, the words used and the way they are used in the poem make a lot of impact.

I can go on giving examples of great songs with fantastic lyrics. Some of the songs, I must recommend...
1) More Ang Ang - By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Album 'Charkha')
In fact, if you have ever been Rahat/Nusarat/Kailash Kher/Rahman Fan then Just Buy the Album, you will NEVER repent!!! All songs from that album are fantastic. It can take you to a different world where you can be yourself, where you can imagine anything you want to. Just close your eyes and feel whatever you want to, it will serve as one form of meditation for you :) !!

2) Jashn-e-Bahara - From Jodha Akbar -> I have always been fan of Javed Akhtar and Gulzar Saheb for their talent of writing. Man! They are fabulus at analogy to express the right emotion in the song.

If you get a chance and want to try the music at its best, of course the best lyrics too, then try the albums that I suggested.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

मन बनाये बातें...

मैंनू पता नही मैं क्या चाहू,
अपने आप से एक वादा चाहू,
खुशी का साथ माँगू,
एक नज़र का इज़हार माँगू,
देख ज़रा आँखें छलकी जाये,
कोई पूछ ना ले इन्हें कहीं,
फिर से उन्हें हँसी में ओज़ल कर दू,
बेबसी और बेचेनी से लड़ती रहू,
किस दिशा जाना चाहे ढूँढु,
मन् बावरा बना इंतज़ार करे,
कब ख़ुदा अपने साथ कर ले...


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morning Raaga in the bus

My morning Raaga is almost the same everyday. I have to catch the office bus at 7:40, but for that I must walk out of the house by 7:25. However, It never happens.

Somehow, I manage to reach to the bus stop and wait for the bus. Now, my only concern would be - to get a good comfortable seat in the bus.

The office buses in Mumbai (which I have always wondered why they are like that!!) are 2 x 3 buses. Ideally, it is to be called as 2 x 3 seats -- meaning 2 and 3 people can sit there respectively! If someone tells me to define that seat size, I would say it is '1.60' x '2.60'. So, the moment I am boarding the bus, I just wish that I get to sit alone on 2 sitter(supposedly '2' sitter) Or sit with only 1 person on the 3 (sigh!) sitter.

To my luck! This happens very rare. Today I sat on 2 sitter where I was accompanied by a Lady who is healthy enough in my comparison. (No jokes on any one who thinks he is fat, 'coz for a 'thin' person like me (who looks like a stick :(:( ), everyone else is healthier) She was sitting at the window seat and I joined for the aisle seat. Trust me....Out of that 1.6 size of the seat, she was occupying 1.20. Remaining .40 was not enough to adjust myself. I kept on trying to adjust here and there, so that to make her realize that I am almost on the edge and I may fall!! But No! May be she knew that she is helpless as such! :( Well! She could had squeezed herself a bit to adjust, but probably she might had to do it quite frequently since I think the Body mass/material spreads on its own after a while. (At Least, today I experienced so...)

:) In the Evening I go to the bus & Wish for only this, that I get to sit at a better place where I can squeeze myself in the entirety!! :P

The people who designed these Buses for 2 x 3, I really want to ask, according to them, what is the 'Normal' size of a person!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The compliment...

My friend told me today that If someone does any 'Punga' (Any fun/humor/problem) with me then he gets the honor to appear on my blog. :) I smiled at this compliment!

Currently, I am studying some stuff and after few days I have to give training on it to my fellow team members (Company colleagues!). I thought it won't be too bad or hard to learn it since I have already worked on it. But trust me, knowing something by your own and teaching someone about it are very different scenarios. I am literally tensed about what should I do to not get screwed up!!

This training thing, however, I have invited to myself on my own.
But my lead came back with some more expectations on the other day. The scope of the visionary statement that he spoke by mistake, turned out to be bigger than expected. :( My luck!

Anyways, It's ok! The funny statements that I had said about myself after my first attempt to read something - have caused the compliment that I received (mentioned in the first line).

In today's blog, the honor is given to my friend instead of the Lead ;-)
(Dude, No Punga with me!, I tell you! :P)



P.S: For my non-Hindi Readers... Punga can be pronounced the way it is written where 'u' sound is like in 'Sub' :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Income, Attrition...

I am back in office. My friends with whom I had stayed and worked in US, are also here and I feel great to be with them.

In this software industry, we have such a common term called attrition and I believe same is the word responsible for the new recruitments. When I returned to my office after 1.5 years, I could hardly see any familiar face. Whoever I could recognize, for them, I thought in my mind: 'Oh! He is STILL here?'

Fast Growing world, quick money are some of such words that are used for today's era. Everyone wants to earn MORE in LESS time. I can very well gather that in dad's generation, getting a promotion and an increment of a good amount, used to be a very hard earned dream.

Considering the Income boom, I realize that the life style is becoming expensive equally. The prices of Patrol/Gas or the basic routine needs are touching the sky I feel. Not many things are sold in the single digit price! (Talking about INR here)

Point is not that the income standards are growing largely. I am sure there will be a balance between the income and expense. But the large income expectations are resulting very costly for the companies. People leave companies like anything. They join, stay for few months and switch to another company in the hope to get even more salary.

Such a changing resources environment can affect the quality of the service being provided. Who's to stop this and how? I feel that the people joining the company must own the organization from responsibility point of view and not see it only from money point of view. As they say, 'Love your work and you will be successful'. Indeed it's true! Just the way you own your family, do the same with your work. You don't leave your family, if something goes wrong, Do ya?

And those of you my readers, if you are also giving yourself any excuse for not writing a post (like I did for few days), please get back to writing. Remember that this is one of your world where you are so free!!!