Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Society changes required ~

Have been watching News and heard about the crime rate and the dirtiness in my own country, it Feels bad. But I don't think I am doing anything to change it or contributing much (Except not making my city dirty by doing any non acceptable act...)

Area of cleanliness should be handled by us at an individual level where talking about government or 'bad' ministers etc is of no use! No goverment is going to come to our streets to get it cleaned! NO!

It's a wake up call for "us", Educate people to stay clean, Why so many people want to stay like how they have been staying till today, as if in the mud?

I was sitting in the auto rickshaw and that person must have spit the Red colored dirty 'Paan' or 'Masala' on the road almost 4 times in the journey of 15 minutes. Imagine! Such millions of people spitting on the road anywhere and throwing the 'Masala' cover anywhere.

I heard that Mumbai has become the seventh dirtiest place in the world. Man!! Let's change the fame criteria so that people know this city on good names.
As a solution, I was wondering if I could try this approach (but I am already skeptic) - I will tell any rickshaw person or taxi person to cut the money from his share of rent if he spits on the road during my trip in his vehicle.
"Ek baar thunko aur Rs. 5 Cut karungi.." - Like that..What if everyone does that! Would that make any difference?
On the other hand I felt, probably they will deny to take such people or simply do not agree!! Well..people are quite blunt generally. If they do not want to listen to you, they won't! :( :(

Kaise kare problem ko door? How to make people aware that "Following instructions or rules is good for us, we are not doing it for anyone else!" I found so many people, crossing the signals at 'Red' Light, smoking in the non-smoking public transports, taking the vehicle on wrong-side to avoid a bigger U-Turn, Parking the vehicle on the road side and blocking the road traffic, Taking a picture where the photography is prohibited (this increases Piracy problems)...
--Ain't these all leading to a mismanaged living place?

At one point of time, Media's role was very important and positive, but if you see today, it's just an entertainment channel on TV. Every News channel just wants some 'Masala' to speak about. Everyone is bringing news just to compete with each other, no other purpose I feel. Real time problems like the ones that I mentioned, are not being looked upon by them, RATHER they are after the lives of Cricket Players, Politicians and Bollywood. What else they are showing on TV?

Come on Media, Get a Life!

I find watching a cartoon show much better than the News Channel.

I wish that GOD gives me courage to believe in the right things to change the current circumstances. I really want to contribute in the progress of my country!! At the least, I am going to try telling people to contribute in keeping the streets clean... Let's see how that goes..!


क्या जिंदगी फिर से.. ?!

ख्वाबों के धागों में जुडी थी,
बन कर मोती, पीरोकर ख्वाहिश,
जिंदगी कभी साँस भी ले रही थी;

बनकर खुशबू फूलों की,
गजरे की आड़ में छुपे वादे सी,
जिंदगी कभी महेंका भी करती थी;

चुनर ओढे अब मुक़द्दर की,
राह चल रही फिर भी मोहब्बत की,
दामन बनाया है विश्वास का,
क्या जिंदगी फिर से जिंदा होगी?


Friday, March 21, 2008

General Conversation topic

Anyone that you are in contact with, will ask you for snaps/pictures after any event that happens at your end. For example, if you visit some place, only conversation starting point will be "Hey!! Where are the pictures?" Huh!! As if there is nothing else to talk about..

I have been proactive and have sent the pictures as soon as I can and guess what? I received no single reply from any of those busy people in the world. Now what is my motivation point to send pictures?

But why is that thing? Only one question - "Where are the photos" ..Come on dude! ask me whad did I do? Or How am I doing?

Anyways.. Today I thought since I have got some time and internet both, let me write anything that comes to my mind.. ;-)


Updates n updates

If you are hungry and you do not get to eat at that time and then if you get food after few hours, can you really eat properly?

:( This is what has been happening with me.. I feel like writing and at that time either I do not get internet or I do not get time (generally when I am in office.. means when I am working.. I feel like doing non-work stuff :D). When I get time in the evening, I do not get internet connection much and also I do not get fresh mind state.

It's quite late & tiring by the time we finish cooking, eating and cleaning. But Anyways!! all excuses apart, some things are always doable if you have a will to do it very strongly. Not that I was so keen on writing during last one month, but there was a small wish inside & the words just did not come out. I always had the guilt feeling about not writing and here I am back to write something.

Hmm.. something can be anything, right? Some random updates or random talks would do.. wat say!!
-- My morning raaga (That I mentioned in one of the posts earlier) continues.

-- Something more added to that raaga that the team mate who sits next to me in my office, wears quite strong perfume, just like men's cologne. Yeah.. that's little irritating. Reason A that it is 'She' wearing that strong perfume and B that I literally have headache issue due to it. But Luck is not too harsh!! We(read me and my roomies here ) are not the exceptions who can make it to the bus stop just-about-in-time, I guess she also may be facing such issue and hence not getting time to wear that strong fragrance everyday ;-) (Well.. I am used to it now and my head doesn't hurt also)

-- At work, I am totally enjoying and learning something or the other every single day which is truly an experience for me. Compared to my any other project, this project is giving me more confidence as a technical consultant.

-- Personal Life is cool too. It occured to me today that my dad calls me "Kavi" which means a "Poet". It's a nice coincidence that I really love poems and also love to 'try' to write poems. This name originated by joining the first letter of my first name and first letter of my middle name.

--By the way, Tomorrow is Holi festival where on the second day of Holi we play with colors. Lovely!! Wish you a very happy Holi..