Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jalti Shamaa

Hum jiske sang beh nahi sakte,
Wo armaano ka jharna ho tum,

Hum jo keh nahi sakte,
Wo adhuri kahani ho tum,

Hum jo mita nahi sakte,
Wo chahat ki nishani ho tum,

Hum jo chun nahi sakte,
Wo pyari manzil ho tum,

Hum jo nibha na paye,
Wo dosti ka ehsas ho tum,

Hum jise bujhne se rok na sake,
Wo khwabon ki Jalti shamaa ho tum,

Jise hum ji nahi sakte,
Wo akeli jindagi ka adhura hissa ho tum!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Online Facilty - Helpful but Painful in hidden way ~

Thanks to Dilbert.. Please Read on!

Idea of online banking, online bill payment and many other online things ... I am sure most of us would consider it a great benefit because it makes our lives easier and saves us from going physically to a place and perform the task.

However, for me, lately I have found too many online accounts as a problem in itself. I have some reasons for it:

1> Every account has different username and password policy .. i.e. some accounts suggest to use special characters and few do not.

2> Many places, the user name which I may want to keep, may already have been taken. I have to invent a new one, which may be an odd one compared to any of my other accounts. [one more thing to remember]
3> Every account asks me to keep some security questions and provide its answers~ do I (or will I be able to) even remember what questions have I chosen for which account and what was my answer there? And If I keep same answer everywhere, then also it's not a great idea from security point of view ~ hmmm..

4> Password change after, say, 45 days also cause one more headache. I know that it is necessary, but how do I remember all?
5> To keep it in my memory, I can also have an option to write it somewhere and whenever required, refer to it. But huh! how can I write my password anywhere, which can be accessible to anyone?

6> Some bank accounts have the numbers only as the user id. So more credit cards you have, different user ids you will have to remember. [This is one reason, I do not keep many credit cards and restrict myself to one] Also some accounts have only numbers allowed for passwords.
7> Gas or electricity, etc - Add to the number of accounts I already have!
4-5 System passwords (in my software area), mulitple bank accounts, online e-ticket facility for train and for flights and many more..
Recently in my company, they have created one portal where I can login and reset my domain password on my own! Who would remind me the portal password NOW to reset the domain password?

8> If I go on vacation for 4-5 or more days, then, definitely, expect me to forget the passwords easily.

I have more reasons too. I totally agree that Password policy is designed for security, but I, somehow, find it very difficult to remember and manage with these.

Do you have a good way to manage which is secure too? I guess, Girish (Mr. Wanna be Geek) will have some idea. Please Share!


Mere Dil ki Pukar ~ Returns!! -- contd ...


It does not feel great to share with you that banging the iPod idea did not work for me yet.

I am missing my iPod terribly, however in this phase of life when I am too away from my iPod, I seek your help. Please pray that I get some way out to repair my iPod and get a life back to it.

Thank you

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mere Dil ki Pukar ~ Returns!!

Well, in this trauma of tolerating the 'Judaai' from my iPod, I have not given up on my hopes.

I have been searching on Apple site every now and then. Guess what! I found this link which has a very intelligent (without any intelligence) 'technical' solution. I have not tried it yet, but since it worked for MANY people, I am going to try it when I reach home today.

Many people have replied on that forum to hit the right corner of the iPod hard, and it will start working. Seeing many people meeting back with their iPod, I am hoping to try the same and see the days of 'Milan' once again ~

Let's see.. I will give updates soon.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meri Dil ki Pukar ~

suna pad gaya hai jahan mera, har pal mein uski yaad basi hai

Har angdai, har baat par ek ummid Jagti hai,

use chhune ki, fir se apne haatho me use pane ki,

usi ki dua se aaj tak main apne jivan me khushiya bharti aai hu,

uski vajah se muje ehsas milta hai ishwar ke aashirwad ka, mohabbat aur chahat ka...

aur bhi kai rang dekhe hai .. bas usi ki badaulat..!!

Lekin, na jane kahan.. wo mera saathi kahin kho gaya hai!! Aise soya hai is baar ki jag hi nahi raha..

Sun le mere dil ki pukar... laut ke aaja mere meet...

My dear iPod! this blog post is dedicated to you to express my feelings for you. I love you so much, please come back from this comma state of yours!!!
Pleaseeeeeeee... I am so incomplete without you.

Please all you readers, pray that I get my iPod back in its working condition!!



Monday, July 07, 2008

Switch off ~

When you switch off lights, suddenly it becomes so dark that you can not see anything, But, if you notice, after few minutes, your eyes get that power to see in the dark also!

Short and Big events happening in life which we find so shocking, are like those 'switch-off' events. We just have to keep the faith up and we are able to see the way in that shocking darkness also!

It's wonderful that Life is so transparent to us but it's funny that we always make it complicated!
अंगना फूल खिलेंगे,
बहार फिर से लौटेगी;
खुशिया झर-मर बरसेगी,
मुझे विश्वास है!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

When a friend departs !

Departure is just heavy!

It was Girish's last working day yesterday, he has opted to fulfil his desire and achieve his ambitions. We(me and my other best friends) all are big fan of this buddy of ours. He is very supportive and has got great sense of humor.

Mr. Mast Ram, We will always cherish the time spent with you. It was my good Karma I guess, which made me enjoy such a long phase of life with you around.

All the best for your life ahead. Of course, keep blogging!

Keep smiling!

~ Krupa