Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Found the one ?!!

It's been a year+ since I created my profile on matrimony sites. I have gotten hundreds of interests and messages. I declined to many while I accepted very few. From those few also, either I rejected them or they rejected me. I have many friends around me who are like me - in their right age but are single. (Note...'right age' is a subjective word)

Whichever profiles I responded to, if today, I see their online activity status, it shows they have been online recently (i.e. logged in to matrimony site recently) - which means they are still looking for the right one.

I don't get this gamble of life. All of us are decent enough, well educated, well cultured but we all are still looking. This raises questions in my mind -

  • Are we not clear what we want in life? 
  • Are we too choosy? 
  • Are we all stupid enough to not recognize any signal that life is giving? 
  • Are we too tough to compromise on any criteria? 
  • Are we not supposed to 'look for' anyone and let life take its own pace and course ?
  • Or we are yet to learn the process of arrange marriage?

I don't know how this works and how it will work for me. I am just waiting to find the one and then may be share how this gamble works. Or may be I should just wait for 'the one' to find me instead I looking :-)

Good luck to me and all!

Adios ~


Soham Shah said...

Ha ha ha .. Nice One ..

I will only say : Enjoy ur bachelorhood as long as you can .. You are gonan cherish every single moment of it once you are in the trap of the marriage ;-) ...

Dont worry - you will find one sooner than later ..

All the ebst !!

KrupA said...

:) Thanks Soham that was motivating.. ;-)

well I am enjoying life waise kuch tension nahi hai :)

See ya in office..

Sathish said...

Well... may be we are looking for a better one.... always...

we live in an age where a latest technology gadget will become primitive in less than a year... Can we live with a spouse selected best in the past???

May be we need take what comes... and enjoy all the ups and downs... which we can share with our children / grand children.. (ofcourse if they have time for us then) ;)

Sridhar said...

" Are we all stupid enough to not recognize any signal that life is giving? "

I guess this is the perfect answer!!!

Some of us {me being the leader of the tribe} fail to understand most of the signals :)

GUess i shud switch to Videocon {Pakdo har signal} and to Karbon Mobiles { Live ur Life} :0

wht say?

Sriranjany said...

Life's signals are too big to miss dear. My experience says that we react to many false positives before the real one hits. No, you are not stupid:) wait for the real one to happen....and it will soon happen:)

KrupA said...

Sridhar... you are right. I think videocon would be a good idea to try :) Lekin kuch fayda hoga kya that is the question..

Ranjany... this is the sweetest comment about this subject I got. Thank you for bringing the trust in me again.. :)


Keya said...

hi, keya patel is here..
Hope u can remember "devashrayee group tutions".
Single and also have same kind of questions, sometime I am really confuse that some steps are missing from my side or let wait for god to do smthing very special.
Anyways we are so special that its not just kind of thing for us.
If u wish , can contact me on keya.ptl@gmail.com

Audy said...

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