Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Morning ~

Change is only Constant -- I keep proving :)

It was really a Dhamal! I did not want to open my eyes, but God made me open my eyes so wide that I didn't just wake up but I had an awakening :)

Yeah, I am talking about my 'parakrama' yesterday morning. On a Sunday morning, I was not in a mood to wake up early. Sun started rising and I realized the brightness will not let me sleep more. So I got up to close the curtains. After closing them, with my eyes closed, with full confidence about my bed's location, I tried to lie down again. And yeah, my estimation skills had gone for a toss for sure! I was 20 inches over in my estimation. I fell next to the bed with huge 'dhadam' noise. I could not get up, nor make any other shouting, nothing! But God is with me! My friend came running from other room and took care of me.

I have almost 2.5 inches scar on my back. (although it's superficial enough, it's a scar to cause some suffering for 2 days minimum). Plywood of the bed hit me hard and sharp too.

Since I was very ready to go back to sleep, my speed and force was stronger. This force only caused shock and pain. Had some fainting and nausea and then we went to hospital. After some dressing, X-ray, and 2 injections I was back home.

Since yesterday, every time I go near curtains or come back to my bed, I keep eyes wide open, balance my self on my feet and then walk :D... Experience teaches a lot, isn't it ? ;-)

Nothing to worry anymore, I shall be up and running in 2 days.


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Sathish said...

:) Well... it happens...

Hope you'll enjoy telling this to your grand children ;)