Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bean Bag n Me

Yes I was too slow in this generation to know what is a bean bag like... I saw once in a show room and my friends wanted to inquire the price and I waited there. When they said the price.. I was sooo surprized. Can such a 'kothalo' (meaning some such stupid non-shapesome bag (i don't know what to call it either)..) be comfy for anyone? and specially worth the price they are mentioning ?

Hmm.. finally days passed and when I came back from US, I see such bag in my friend's house. I saw it for couple of days and finally tried sitting on it. Hmm!! Don't laugh! but I could not really sit on it well, I was just diving deep in the bean bag and felt that 'this is the most uncomfortable form of sitting mechanism in the world'.

Slowly, I started using it more to see why people love it so much. Like some of those songs which get over your mind slowly and don't leave you easily, this bean bag is now becoming one of my most favorite sitting mechanisms. I can change the pose as many times as possible and still find it unique ;-)

And now........I'm Lovin it!!!!!!!! ;-)

Cheers to the bean bag!!

1 comment:

Sathish said...

mmm... its tempting.... :)
Haven't tried it yet...