Wednesday, July 28, 2010

... Mania

Just realized one thing.. that I use '...' a lot in my blogging and chatting and nowadays in official emails also :-)

... finally I wrote something after so many days. Ever since I came back to India, there is lot of work and even though I get internet access, I don't get time to think about anything but work. But my restlessness was increasing and finally I am here today :) (Feels Home!!!)

Well I think "!" is also another character that I use a lot ;-)

Koi  nai... have fun ji...!! :D


2 comments: said...

Try to master each style of writing that you recognize. When writing to some or for a particular emotion, use informal tone, for rest, use more formal tone. Some days write in legal tone, some other days write like a motivational writer.

Sathish said...

Well... :)

restlessness.... mmm.... interesting... :)