Friday, August 31, 2007

Is blogging your face?

I was wondering other day about how the world would perceive me? I think the world does perceive me the way I project myself via blogging. (World means whoever reads my blog ;-))

For me, I always believed, blogging could be your own thoughts(as in what you believe in) or your imagination or your creativity. It doesn't necessarily need to be the mean to judge a personality. But the reality is - People do create your image in their minds from the way you write. (I guess that's natural!)

I say it can be your imagination, however, there still is a catch in blogging. You still have something in common in your posts. It just gives an idea about general attitude of a personality.
- If someone writes philosophy - may be that person does a lot of analysis (*could be unnecessary analysis as well :-))
- If someone writes funny - may be that person doesn't really feel comfortable in mushy situations.
- If someone writes sad or angry stories about the system or the movies, you can make out the person's passion in life, how much that person looks motivated in life. etc..
There can be thousand different perceptions about this.

But Do you think, can blogging create your -ve or +ve image?

Unfortunately, (I think) it can. But I don't want it that way :-(


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Taking Granted Part - II

I was talking about taking time for granted and losing the time that you have in your hand.

Take this one:
You are bored of doing something, planning something, or even joining others in their plan.
You think it's ok to let go. May be some other time...
Of course, it is a good idea to take a break from routine, from people and spend relax, lazy time, time when you do nothing. Such breaks help in getting you closer to yourself. But if you almost always do the same thing just because you are not enough motivated to do something, then you are losing the time, the opportunity. You may not realize at that time, but after few years or few months, you will repent for the same thing. You'll feel "Oh!! wish, I had done that", "Wish, I had gone there, with them and enjoyed.." You lost that time and Now, today, you are sitting in a chair thinking, repenting for the lost time.

How many times you have sat and talked about the happy and joyous time spent together? How many times you have genuinely cherished the school time, college friends, movies, picnic, tours?

The list can be bigger, if you remove that boredom-block. If you realize that the time you are getting is for a reason then you won't lose it. If you don't take time for granted then you will know the value of time.

The bitter fact is you are going to lose all your friends, family one day (when we have taken birth, we are going to die) - Why are you taking this uncertain life for granted so much and losing the Now? Why?

I am surely sounding like a preacher in last two posts, but do you think I care if you call me a preacher? :-) Well, certainly if you matter to me, I am sure you will take my preaching positively. I trust you.

I might still come up with another part on the same topic, not sure though. But for today, this is it.

Take care and Enjoy!!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Taking Granted Part - I

Many times we take so many things for granted.
We take our lives for granted. We take time for granted.

We think that we have got enough time to plan and enjoy something which we can do in this present moment.

Did retrospection and I realized, how many moments I lost with this assumption that I still have time to do that. "May be next year.. May be next month.." What was it that was stopping me? My own mind block. Sometimes, there were really practical reasons as money constraints.

However, money wasn't ALWAYS the block.
Sometimes, it was the thought "What will others think If I do it this way or If at all, I do this?"
My very nice friend told me this sentence "People can think anything, you can't control their thinking. What you can control is your reaction to their thinking." I adopted this funda then onwards. But to be frank, before I understood this fact, I did lose many moments of my life thinking what will people think If I do this or say this or wear this.. etc..

I hear argument as "That's the society. People make the society so when you are part of society, you are influenced by their thinking. You are a social animal."
I tell you the solution - If you think that People won't accept what you are doing then go and ask this question to each individual whose thinking matters to you. Ask politely if your, taking this step, matters to them? I am little rude by saying this sentence but you can always take your gentle way to approach such people (People who matter to you). Ask them the reason for their reaction. Argue in a gentle manner to find out the logic in it. If it is logical, revisit your decision, but otherwise, this way, you will find that their support is in your favor.

For People who don't matter to you, do you care what they think about what you do?

So, STOP that thought which is blocking you from moving on. You always have a way out. Don't take it for granted. Life is really uncertain.

And there is lot of fun if something is uncertain. :-) Trust me, there is no meaning of an exam when you know your result already. There is no meaning in playing a game if you know your score already. So enjoy the uncertainty. There is excitement in each venture of unfold life parts.

[I made this post as the first part because I think I still have thoughts on the same topic to write and I don't want to make it an essay so better be it classified and short;-)]


Monday, August 20, 2007

चाहत हो तुम मेरी

तेरे अरमानों को अपनी मंज़िल बना जाऊ,
ख्वाबों में तेरे अपनी खुशबु सजा जाऊ;
हर आरज़ू को तेरी, मैं अपना मकसद बना दू,
तेरे संग रहने को तो मैं आज खुद से भी जुदा हो जाऊ!!

बाहों में समाकर तेरी, आज चाहत में मचल जाऊ,
आँखों में डूबकर तेरी, मैं आज जिंदगी को भुला जाऊ;
चाहे कोई भी आवाज़ दे,
हर साँस की आड़ में, सिर्फ तेरी धड़कन सुन पाऊ!!

बादल बन कर आज कुछ इस तरह से बरस जाऊ,
की प्यार के सागर में तेरे संग डूब डूब जाऊ;
वफ़ा की चिंगारी से, प्यार का दीया इस तरह से जलाऊ,
की विश्वास की रौशनी में, खुद को तेरे पास ही पाऊ!!

तमन्ना है की तुज्से ये सब केह पाऊ!
'चाहत हो तुम मेरी' - काश! इतना भी बता पाऊ!!

This poem is one of those poems which I wrote few years back. I found it on a paper and before losing that paper in this e-world, I thought let me publish it here - may be a better place to store it.

I had written this poem on behalf of one of my friends. That friend liked someone so much and was going through the emotion that is so well described in the poem above.

I always say this - You don't need to go through the emotion for yourself to write about it. But you have to have that thing in you to FEEL the other person's/character's emotion in you so strong that the words start flowing.

Just feel it, it's a nice emotion to feel :-)


Saturday, August 18, 2007

For Nova - Miss Neha Kumar

Not at every stage of life you get such friends. Have gotten a few ones who are just awesome!

Neha, You are one of those few dear.

कैसे करु मैं बयाँ- क्या पाया है तुज्से!
भले ही तू दूर थी हमेशा,
लेकिन हर घड़ी में तुजे साथ पाया है,
दिल ने माँगा ना था,
लेकिन सारा जहाँ पाया है तेरी दोस्ती में!

Neha is my friend since my late years of college life and after college we never got a chance to be at one place or work one place, but we are in touch as if we never were apart from each other.

The best part of our friendship is we have given rights to each other without any block, we can tease each other like anything and have fun.

It's like "Hey let's talk and then laugh.. and hey.. let's laugh again!"

I had written a testimonial for her long back, which you can read below -

As I am not on orkut - I had sent it in email -
About Nova
"If she likes you, you are the blessed person as she will take care of you completely. She is the most comfortable Pal I have ever met. You can play any joke on her and she will be the most sport...Never ever a killjoy.
Unlike any other open minded person, Neha is a totally emotional person. I do not mind her being emotional but sometimes I just feel too insecure for her as she can be affected by people's behavior where those 'people' need to be really close ones. Not to forget, she is a great elder sister where her younger sis is amazing too.

Neha's talent - oh.. what shall I say? I think when I understood the meaning of versatile in the dictionary, I related it to Neha. She is a very nice singer, dancer. She is really intelligent and a bright student. But one thing I am unhappy to share that I did not ever like her dressing style..("Motii.. I hope your dressing style is little elegant now") But still the way she carries herself is just awesome, you know the confidence in her body language.

I do not maintain relation with many people, but I am really glad to say that I truly cherish your friendship.

Wish you stay happy always..Be Loved always..."

~k RUPa

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Again the CHOICE ~

It's Just a Phase! - But still you choose ~

Many of us pass through this phase in life when we feel that we have started liking someone. Someone really special!

You feel it but you deny it.
Sometimes people don't let you believe it.
Sometimes people (read Parents in many cases) don't allow you to go for it.
May be, You just fight against your own feeling.

You don't want to,
But you still let it go.
How do you say then, that if you are meant to get it you will get it ?


You lost that chance that you had gotten. You lost that choice. As someone says - You always have a choice in any situation. I totally AGREE!

After loss of that choice, the phase goes, just like any other phase in life, leaving the imprints of nicest time ever. Leaving behind the possibility of being with the special someone for entire life.

I have talked with few friends, and when they explain me the reason for denial of that special feeling for various reasons - I, still, can not be convinced. I don't understand the reasoning. It generally sounds logical but it doesn't sound real. It never sounds as a right thing to happen in that right moment.

I don't know how to handle the case when you feel that special someone doesn't feel anything for you.
I really don't.

But I think one should never give up without talking the emotion out. It is important for you to stay open and communicative about your own feeling.

Take care!


Friday, August 10, 2007

May be it's a feeling before saying Bon Voyage

Sadness, that is flowing in my eyes,
Like the dream uncovered and unknown
Hard to catch, flying high in the sky;

I see the man from window;
Walks carrying the the loads
I thought I am the same;
Like him, all alone on the roads -

I ponder in blank;
If I could just catch the sight;

HE tells me not to lose,
I wonder! How & What do I choose;

Feeling of 'No-Return' is all around,
I have no voice, I can hear no sound;

It's all over!

What do you think I just wrote about? I do not know. I just let the words flow. If it's not ending, may be it is not meant to end.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Friendship Day Token ~

My Birthday is coming up on Sunday(5th Aug) and this year it happens to be a friendship day . I have lots of friends here who are so good by heart. I thought let me express my feelings in a poetic form. This one is for all my friends in California..

मौका फिर मिले ना मिले;
मुलाकात शायद फिर कभी ना हो;
पैगाम ये दिल का है -
धोखा ये शब्दो का नही ~

सुना था, इन्सान रूठ कर मान जाते है;
ऐसा लगा - इस एक साल में
खुदा भी रूठ कर मान गया;

खुशियो को गले लगाना सीख लीया,
खुद पर हँसना और हँसाना सीख लीया;

जब सोचा भी नही, तब साथ दिया;
दोस्ती शब्द को अर्थ तुमने दिया!

चाय के टेबल पे करी हज़ारों बातें,
कभी डांट खाई तो कभी मज़ाक उडाया;

हर दोस्त की अदा है अलग;
बन के याद, दिल में बस गए है सब.

Every moment - I felt I am living,
It's all of you,
It's all because of you,
I enjoy my world now,
Which includes you!

Thank you and enjoy! You ARE important to me :-)