Monday, February 16, 2009

Famous Songs & their Video -- can relate?

There are few songs - very famous ones - But when I watched their original video - I was surprised. Some of them, I do not even know that actor or actress but that song is so famous! I sing those songs too, may be due to Remix version of the same I know those songs.

Let me know if you are better than me (I am sure you are:) ) and if you know the original video of these songs.

(1) Bin Tere Sanam mar mitenge hum...
(2) Nile Nile amber pe chaand jab aa jaye...
(3) Hawa Hawa.. e hawa.. khushboo luta de..
(4) Oh Hansini, meri hansini...
(5) Oh Hasina Zulfowali...



Anonymous said...

Let me try fro few of them:
1.Bin Tere Sanam mar mitenge hum.: Yaara Dildara :
2. Nil Nile ambar par:Kalakaar ://
3. Hawa Hawa.. e hawa.. khushboo luta de:
4) Oh Hansini, meri hansini.: Zahreela Insaan :
5)Oh Hasina Zulfowali..Teesri Manzil :

Enjoy...I got all:)

KrupA said...

areee... I can also find the video on youtube. What I was saying is.. can you relate this video in your mind when you hear this song? Or you just have audio in your mind?

I did not even know these actor/actress of the song 'Bin Tere Sanam" -- but that song is so famous and is so well known in my mind.

But thanks for searching all the videos :)

Jaydip Mehta (JD) said...

What an interesting topic !!

100% agreed. Songs are so much famous but me too have not seen any videos (or if at all I have seen I am not able to picturize it in my mind frame) of mentioned songs except "neele neele amber par "...

I am sure many many more songs can be added in this category ..

KrupA said...

yes.. it is an interesting one :)