Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smile and Spread the smile

It was Saturday morning and around 11 AM; I was on a walk to a grocery store and what do I see -- only silent road; few old couple with a dog and some cars on the road.

It was horribly silent and this neighborhood is so depressing, specially in this season of the year when the trees have not yet turned green and when the humid of Houston rain takes over the freshness of the air.

Hmm... That was 'me'; crying for the surroundings. But better space and greener world is inside me; I don't need to get affected by the outside colors.

However, in reality we do want to see things green around us and smiling around us; that gives us energy. And the best idea is to start doing our own share of spreading that smile and color.

Do this for me, "Smile and Spread the smile! Make someone's day!" You never know that someone may meet someone else and that someone can meet other someone and eventually that 'smile' may come to me! :-)
Keep enjoying the inner space ~ You will surely radiate in the outside world!

(I don't know where I started this post and where I ended.. but surely the end message is important ;-))


Vaishali said...

hey Krupa, nice thoughts.. as your blog title says it really sounds that you are in front of me talking to yourself and m just listening to you.. I read your blogs for the first time.. it was too good to know "Soul thoughts". And yeah I talk to myself too. And similar to your blog topics it can just be anything around:) Keep posting. In fact i dont need to say that.. I could read your thoughts for every weekend... Take care!

KrupA said...

:) Hey Vaishali.. Thank you so much dear. I love to write; earlier I used to write diary and they came to know about this platform -- so making use of it to explore myself.

Thanks again.. and keep reading.. hope you enjoy it every time.


Sathish said...