Sunday, February 22, 2009

Local World - some drawback

Few of my friends require this kind of clock and I recommend them to keep this time in front of them before they pick up the phone. I know we are becoming global and world is becoming local. I know we can reach each other with no difficulty and the Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has been so fruitful that we can make calls in just few cents. BUT -- where do you draw a line for globalization and be considerate for someone like me?

It was her birthday and she was getting mad at me that I did not call her till half day is over; so she called me and showed her complete anger on me. Birthday means, person gets one year older - which in an ideal case - "should" mean that person gets more sanity, more buddhi. But Nah! My friend is super in converting those facts into myth. It was my 3:30 AM when she had called me to remind me that it was her birthday. She was in Singapore time zone and me in US Central time zone. HUH!!!! :P

Another friend is expert in calling me at 6:00 AM always. He always checks the Eastern time zone clock which say 7:00 AM and dials my number bindas. I agree that 7:00 AM is good time to call but come on you can't forget that I am not in that time zone!

Thank God! At least in India we have only one time zone; helps reducing the confusion.

Well, though they do this, I don't leave a chance to take their case for doing this to me :-)

My dear friends in different time zone, please buy something similar to keep a note of US Central time zone (till I am in USA) and do check the time before you call me :P

~Krupa :)

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Sathish said...

:) ... but the clock looks expensive ;)