Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Productive Weekend ~

I was really tired after the Sunday errands. I did Laundry, Grocery and also explored a beautiful area in the neighborhood. I came back home and I have not even arranged my wardrobe after laundry.

I was sleepy; but I did not sleep; because otherwise my Sunday night sleep gets ruined. So, anyway, after something here and there, I started with my Rubik's Revenge where I was struggling to get '1' LAST face piece in its correct position. There was lovely music playing on my laptop. I tried many techniques and still that one piece is not working.

After a while I found myself upset leaning on the table with eyes closed. But then I got up and thought, let me try all over again!

It was around 4:25 PM on historic Sunday evening; I just had to do two moves on two sides of the puzzle and look what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!! I solved Top Layer of Rubik's Revenge 4x4 with all 16 pieces in the correct position.

There are 4 corner pieces, 8 edge pieces and 4 face pieces. If you understand this, corner piece has 3 sides with different color, edge piece has 2 different colors and getting face pieces is a challenge in itself.

In this Puzzle, it can not come correct if every piece is NOT in its correct position; so it's not like we can manage with the puzzle by shuffling left-2nd row edge piece and left-3rd row edge piece. Nah! That does not help.

If you remember, In January I mentioned that I was just away from 2 face pieces mispositioned but those 2 took a long time. (Not that I worked for it all these 2 months but still!)

Now, who wants to call me 'wanna-be geek' ? --- You are FREE to say that :) :) :) You can not imagine how happy I am right now!

"Believe that nothing is impossible and work towards it!" ~ Having that attitude is important, not the end result itself; and then end result follows! (I know I am talking too much for a small victory... but well that's how I am)

(I also added few gadgets on my blog and put the link for subscription -- and these all count to productivity of the weekend too :P )


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Sathish said...

Wow... :) Congrats :)