Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cars & my routine

You see the pic? That's My routine!!

Every morning I wake up and calculate if I leave at 6.20, I will get traffic like in the pic above the side which looks like coming vehicles and if I leave at 6.25 or anytime later than that, then it will be like the side which looks like going other side. (ek ek minute me pura calculation garbad ho jata hai)

Who says we have traffic only in India? It's everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Last time when I went back to India, Jan 2010 onwards I was craving to drive a car in India. I don't have a car in India so I could only crave and do nothing about it. I think God heard me and when I came back to onsite since May I am driving 120 miles everyday except weekends. Now I know why they say "ask carefully", make sure u ask what u r really wishing for and something where you know the side effects also :-) (like back pain and filling gas every now n then)

Houston needs some more lanes I guess.



dav said...

you missed ~ before your name :)

you take care of your fitness....

KrupA said...

yeah .. updated the post sir! :)

waise it's not mandatory for me to put that tilde sign but yeah it looks better :)


Sathish said...

mmm... Is it not possible to move somewhere close by?