Tuesday, May 11, 2010


u are certainly misled by the title... right? KISS is a wonderful lesson that I have learned from my client boss. He uses phrase 'KISS it' for any problem at work i.e Keep It Simple Stupid!

So many things in our day to day lives, so many relations and what not in our daily working life, we complicate things very much. "If I don't call her, she will feel bad", "If I say this, will he understand me correctly?" "Why is this program behaving like this?" etc. Due to this habit, now, even if a simple puzzle comes up to do a multiplcation of 26 and 7, we will need calculator. (I just used in my laptop)

Can we not live simple? Can we not live with simple fundas like "Live Good, Be Good and Retain Peace!" ?


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Sathish said...

Yeah... very much possible, provided we have simple requirements, expectations :)